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I am throwing my cappello into the race

With Romney Out, Republican Presidential Hopefuls Scramble for His Donors: Mitt Romney is living proof of my observation that the meek and humble guys come in last.  It is not the way it should be but that the way it … Continue reading

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Deflate your Ma Ma Gate is one big farce

NBC Sports  1-29-15 NFL didn’t log the PSI of each Patriots football: All conspiracies run very deep. NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino confirmed today that the NFL didn’t log the exact PSI of each football. According to Blandino, when officials inspect footballs … Continue reading

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The man of many faces

HUFFINGTON POST BREAKING NEWS: HOT OFF THE PRESSES – earth shattering news Howard Stern has Never Farted In Front Of His Wife: The King of Talk Radio is quite the fooler. A Bad Boy with a very bad mouth by … Continue reading

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Paying the Grimm Reaper

McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson retires as sales suffer: Or was Don shown the backdoor? No wonder Don is flashing those ivories. This guys annual salary shot up from 4 million in 2011 to 13.1 million in 2013. Just like Roger … Continue reading

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Le Bron Who

Kyrie Irving Scores 55 vs. Blazers:: Move over Le Bron; time to share the spotlight. The other night Kyrie Irving set a new Cleveland Cavs franchise record shooting 11 three -pointers, one of them with six seconds remaining that gave the Cave … Continue reading

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Mixed Greens

TRADING WITH THE DEVIL? Fate of Japanese hostage in doubt after Jordan agrees to ISIS demands: Like my friends from By God W. Va. would say; the world is between a rock and a hard place when dealing with terrorists. Sad as … Continue reading

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Was it a fix?????

Miss Colombia crowned Miss Universe: I have my reservations. . I really don’t know what the complete criteria for winning the Miss Universe pageant is but I assume that good looks and a great figure have to be the major … Continue reading

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