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Crippler them before they can walk

Fox South Korea: North Korea lacks missile technology IF – I say IF this information is correct; cripple them before they can walk. If all of this chest-pounding by the Kid-Dick-Tator is only a bunch of Wolf Tickets he … Continue reading

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Don’t bet the house on it!!

Fox China pledges neutrality – unless US strikes North Korea first It is like when the Old Lady catches her Old Man lying to her. From that point forward, it is very hard to tell when he is bull-shitting or … Continue reading

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Tread lightly Sr. PDT

‘FIRE AND FURY’: Trump vows North Korea’s threats will be met with power the world has never seen I don’t think this is shades of the Obama administration; I am warning you – you better or else. That is all … Continue reading

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Whatever the game plan is, if there is one …

North Korea could soon develop a hydrogen bomb more powerful than the atomic bombs dropped on Japan Whatever the game plan is, if there is one; the free worlds leaders should not be sitting on their hands too much longer … Continue reading

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Someone piss in their ice tea??

Huffington POST London Officers Make Girl Cry After Fining Her For Lemonade Stand London officials are apologizing after a group of enforcement officers punished a 5-year-old girl for setting up a lemonade stand last week. The girl was the daughter … Continue reading

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Humpty Dumpty north of the boarder

GITMO LOTTERY WINNER Canada makes millionaire out of terrorist who killed US soldier Omar Khadr: Canada pays ex-Gitmo detainee who killed US soldier millions, but soldier’s widow may never see a dime I did a post on this 7-04-17 Compassion … Continue reading

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Slap happy politicians

The politicians in Taiwan bring a new meaning to word parliamentary procedures. They call it, kicking ass and taking names. Check out the brawling broads in the first part of the video. I think they got in the best … Continue reading

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