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Definition of a PIG

What is the definition and picture of a PIG:        Notice the resemblance? Same snout and all. I really hate insulting the swine. It looks like the Divine One or whatever they are calling this guy these days falls into … Continue reading

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Face to face – the best means of communication

U.S.: China sends ‘positive signals’ it will help defuse North Korea crisis What does a good salesman do when he want to get a point across or impress a client. He gets on a plane, makes a visit and does … Continue reading

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Best news in years

FINDING A PEACEFUL SOLUTION China’s Xi tells Trump that Beijing will work with US on North Korea threat NO liberal new media, PC-ers and other goolunie smashers; PDT is NOT giving the White Power salute, it is his trademark for … Continue reading

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Effiencie at its finest

What happened to Russia’s agreement to eradicate Syria’s chemical weapons? Monsters in bed with one another. CBS WASHINGTON — Long before last week’s deadly chemical attack in Syria, the U.S. and Russia brokered a deal — in 2013 — requiring … Continue reading

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Buying or selling Wolf Tickets??

Russia challenges Trump to say what he would do about Syria: The problem with declaring one’s self is, the person has to either put up or shut up. PDT made a statement yesterday that he was not happy about Asad’s … Continue reading

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Talk about ridiculously lenient

Bruno Signs for Boa Esporte After Release from Prison for Girlfriend’s Murder This Brazilain Bad Boy was about as brutal as anyone can possibly get. Back in 2010, the bad boy was in a domestic disputed with his model girlfriend … Continue reading

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Cold assed Canadian

<!– Judge who asked woman why she couldn’t keep knees together resigns Sgt. Preston of the Canadian of the Mounted Police and his dog Yukon King, the symbols of stellar leadership and dignity of Canadian officials, would have been mortified … Continue reading

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