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Make it on OUR terms

North Korea open to US talks under right conditions, diplomat says I know that PDT is a hell of a negotiator and has years of experience under that size 44 – 46 belt line of his. If and when (I … Continue reading

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It is all a test Folks

Russian bombers, fighter jets fly near Alaska, prompting Air Force escort Two Russian Bear bombers — escorted for the first time by a pair of Su-35 “Flanker” fighter jets — entered Alaska’s Air Defense Zone on Wednesday night, U.S. officials told … Continue reading

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Definition of a PIG

What is the definition and picture of a PIG:        Notice the resemblance? Same snout and all. I really hate insulting the swine. It looks like the Divine One or whatever they are calling this guy these days falls into … Continue reading

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Face to face – the best means of communication

U.S.: China sends ‘positive signals’ it will help defuse North Korea crisis What does a good salesman do when he want to get a point across or impress a client. He gets on a plane, makes a visit and does … Continue reading

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Best news in years

FINDING A PEACEFUL SOLUTION China’s Xi tells Trump that Beijing will work with US on North Korea threat NO liberal new media, PC-ers and other goolunie smashers; PDT is NOT giving the White Power salute, it is his trademark for … Continue reading

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Effiencie at its finest

What happened to Russia’s agreement to eradicate Syria’s chemical weapons? Monsters in bed with one another. CBS WASHINGTON — Long before last week’s deadly chemical attack in Syria, the U.S. and Russia brokered a deal — in 2013 — requiring … Continue reading

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Buying or selling Wolf Tickets??

Russia challenges Trump to say what he would do about Syria: The problem with declaring one’s self is, the person has to either put up or shut up. PDT made a statement yesterday that he was not happy about Asad’s … Continue reading

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