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USA; between a rock and a hard place

What is the latest news on PDT attempting to straighten out China with their end of the fair-trade agreements and for them to assist in slapping the Kid-dick-tator around to get him line? Yes, more sanctions.  Hold your breath. I … Continue reading

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Mankind is walking on egg shells

Fox China reportedly preps for crisis along border with North Korea The USA has played the role of a fool for decades assuming they had the power and strength to keep all of mankind in line and be the caretaker … Continue reading

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New conspiracy theory

CBS There is a slew of FOLKS out there working overtime on trying to connect foreign governments with interfering in the ELECTION OF ALL ELECTIONS. Now we have a group of conservatives suggesting that Ukraine took BB’s side in … Continue reading

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Policemen for the world

Poland wants Trump’s vow of protection from Russian activity Fox News WARSAW, Poland –  Poland’s government would like visiting President Donald Trump to make assurances this week that the presence of U.S. and NATO troops in Poland will continue as … Continue reading

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North Korea claims it is ‘biggest victim’ in Otto Warmbier’s death, vows to get tough with the U.S. Some people may wonder why I referee to the mad-kid in North Korea as the THE KID-DICK-TATOR. The answer is very simple. … Continue reading

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Gotta be %$&*#@ me

North Korea slams Trump for pulling out of Paris Climate Agreement The Kid Dick-Tator must have run out of rockets to play with.  This piece of work went from wanting to destroy the entire world, to being so concerned about … Continue reading

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Those who laughs last laughs the loudest.

Those who laughs last laughs the loudest. I was just watching Neal Cavuto, one of the last of the Mohegan with Fox. He was doing a piece of PDT addressing the NATO members. It seems that some of the European … Continue reading

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