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Afraid?? He better be!!

Virginia congressman: I am afraid for our future In an interview with Maria Bartiromo, Congressman Tom Garrett expressed his concerns for the future and the safety of this country. He is one of, out of all the many political fools … Continue reading

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The whole world has gone nuts!!!!

Ohio car attack suspect faces murder charge, civil rights probe This retarded looking piece of white-trash rammed a car into a group of other crazy demonstrating fools that were trying their best to kill each-other with baseball bats and other … Continue reading

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One said criminal was 6′ and black – the other said he was 5’2″ and white!!

Why is it that 1,000 people can look at the exact picture; 501 one see it on way and 499 see it completely different. That also happens to be the case when a crime is committed. Out of 10 first … Continue reading

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One against 19 – pretty good odds

AP July 5, 2017, 4:19 PM It’s Trump vs. the world at G-20 talks Even PDT’s most hardened critics have to give the man credit for one thing, having a set big goolunies. FRANKFURT, Germany — Competing visions of world … Continue reading

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Nothing like a face to face

CNN Trump, Putin to hold bilateral meeting This Friday will be the first time the two most powerful men in world meet face to face. For quite sometime, the Boulder Rollers in the USA have been trying to make a … Continue reading

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Congress’s 4 letter word they hate to use – WORK

This tit-bit of information on our most de-lustrious, freeloading, parasitic, over-paid, under worked politicians, really has me pissed of, standing on my soap box screaming for reform. Huffington Post Not only are these parasites a disgrace in the manner they … Continue reading

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Is the Sleeping giant awake??

Republican Handel wins Georgia special House election I have been wondering where the hell SILENT MAJORITY has been hiding for so long or if they even existed anymore. It looks like the old mentality; the person that spends the most … Continue reading

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