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Common-sensed Cuban

Follow Mark Cuban ✔ @mcuban I’m an American citizen First. Last. Always. Follow Mark Cuban ✔ @mcuban We all need to give President-Elect Trump a chance. Support the good. Lobby against what we disagree on. No one is bigger than … Continue reading

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Matthew has some stones!

CBS/AP February 2, 2017, 11:36 AM Matthew McConaughey says it’s time to “embrace” Trump as president: It is about time someone in La La land shows they have a set of goolunies and makes a smart and logical choice. It is … Continue reading

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What can be better

There has been a lot of negative conversation about PEDT and the Judo Guy becoming close (for the lack of a better word).  What the hell can be the downside to that arrangement providing everything is on the up and up? Two … Continue reading

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Super Jar Head at the helm

It is about time we have a Top Dog in the Casa Bianca that uses his business, practical and good old common sense when appointing people to cabinet posts. That seems to be the case with PEDT in many of his … Continue reading

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ALL lives matter fool

Singer says 76ers nixed her National Anthem performance over ‘We Matter’ jersey Glad to see the 76’s have some balls and not only the ones they dribble. Sevyn Streeter was wearing a black jersey with the words “We Matter” sprawled … Continue reading

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Great endorsement

Trump gets support of 88 retired generals and admirals I have said this repeatedly; who would you rather be in a foxhole with in case war breaks out???  I guess these 88 general and admirals answered that question. There can … Continue reading

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Everyone deserves a chance.

Fox Sports Smooth Sailing! Navy plucks QB from seats, helps top Fordham: I have often said; there is so much talent sitting on the bench because they have never had a chance to showcase their skills. Yesterday Malcolm Perry got his … Continue reading

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