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Long over due

Trump budget aims to end automatic pay hikes for federal workers, make firings easier It used to be the rule of DUMB; when a government worker %$#@&* up bad enough, they would be given a pay raise and a promotion.  … Continue reading

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What are the odds??

Meghan Markle’s family. Even Vega would not have taken this bet. I say more power to Meghan. This is what dreams are made of and why fairy tales are written. Regardless of what the old girl says; I still say … Continue reading

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Even the staunchest Anti-Trumpers ….

Jennifer Lawrence slams Dems, admits it’s ‘not wise’ for celebrities to talk about politics The worm of common-sense, recognition and politics is slowly turning. It is almost impossible for anyone with 1/10 of a brain to deny that PDT is … Continue reading

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Charity begins at home ….

Trump to unveil $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan Solid, secure and safe infrastructures are the corner-stone and the foundations of our country.  These priorities  have been neglected for so many years by some past president, who put every-other pet project of … Continue reading

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Olive branch???

  The New York Times gives its editorial page over to Trump supporters, sparking a debate It has been a policy of mine to NEVER SAY NEVER!! Well????   The New York Times will do away with its editorial page on … Continue reading

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Never send a BOY to do a MAN’S job

FOX NEWS ISIS has lost 98 percent of its territory — mostly since Trump took office, officials say THE PACIFIST AND THE WARRIOR – who would you want watching your back??? Never send a boy to do a man’s job. … Continue reading

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That is the way it should be!!

End chain migration, as Trump wants, and switch to merit-based immigration Who do you think Fidel Castor sent to the USA when he was cleaning house back in 1980? All of his top scientist and professors?  Many of the people … Continue reading

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