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Listen up Vets ….

Listen up guys and gals that served your country so valiantly; it is out there for the asking, you just have to go get it.  Take some good advice from the Commander and Chief. Although I have a great insurance … Continue reading

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His brother’s keeper …..

Dave Chappelle defends Kanye West’s Donald Trump meeting: ‘I support him’ David Chappelle is not only a stand-up comedian, butt seems to be a stand-up guy.  David has gone public, stepping outside of the POPULAR BOX and supporting Kanye West … Continue reading

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Separated from the pack …

Kanye West delivers pro-Trump speech on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ receives boos from audience I never cared much for West until he separated himself from the flock of sheep that are following the PC fools over the cliff. It takes guts … Continue reading

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Surprise – Surprise – Surprise ….

California bill to expand gun-takeaway law advances to governor’s desk It is long over due that Jer and Company came up with a COMMONSENSE solution to curbing crime by becoming proactive. I am very surprised that the ACLU hasn’t jumped … Continue reading

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I would like to see more of it cut …

End of an era as HBO kills ‘Cathouse,’ ‘Real Sex,’ adult entertainment slate For decades, it has been my opinion that the majority of of media has been a GIGANTIC negative influence on the kids in this country and probably … Continue reading

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More than one way to skin an idiot …

USA TODAY New ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro told reporters Friday that the network does not plan to televise the national anthem as part of its Monday Night Football broadcasts this season. At the very least, we have one person in thupper echoln … Continue reading

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One of the very few and far between …

CBS News French star Kylain Mbappé donates World Cup earnings to children’s charity In life, what counts the most is what we are not expected to do and do that really counts. On top of the world after France defeated … Continue reading

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Breaking bread with the enemy ….

There are many situations in our live where we have to make choices; some pleasant and some very unpleasant. BUTT in either case, a decision has to be made one way or another. To be the procrastinating fool or not … Continue reading

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Go for the beauty and brains …

Trump narrows SCOTUS choice to a trio of candidates as announcement looms Monday Might as well give the American people something pleasant to look at for the next 40 years, so why not chose Amy Barrett.   If the American … Continue reading

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The mark of a True Leader!!!

FOX NEWS American prisoners held in North Korea on their way home after Pompeo visit, Trump says This action of PDT’s is the mark of a true leader. Unlike Obama whose last thing on his list of to do things,  … Continue reading

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