Deflate your Ma Ma Gate is one big farce

NBC Sports  1-29-15

NFL didn’t log the PSI of each Patriots football:

All conspiracies run very deep.

NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino confirmed today that the NFL didn’t log the exact PSI of each football. According to Blandino, when officials inspect footballs to see if they’re properly inflated, they simply approve them or disapprove them.

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Right from the horse’s mouth

All I can say to this NEW revelation is what Gomer Pyle used to say:

Why is it that not until yesterday did the The Dean of the NFL finally decided to make this announcement? Seems odd to me.

This Deflate your Ma Ma Gate is nothing new; it happens every-day. Empires have fallen because of collusion, conspiracies and well laid plans.

Take a look at our government; everyone has their dirty little hands in the pie. The truth of any questionable situation rarely is disclosed because there are too many thieves involved and they do not want to go to jail with the rest of their cronies. They fink on them, they burn themselves.

Who the hell can we trust anymore? Sad to say just about no one.

I watched a documentary on the Catholic religion the other day that would be enough to make a grown man cry or keep a right hander from going to the rail.


The corruption, homosexual activities, child molestation, theft and cover ups in the religion were astounding.

Who were we supposed to trust more than a priest when I was growing up? They were supposed to be the epitome of everything holy.  Say it again Gomer.

I knew that when out of the clear blue sky Pope Benedict picked up his  marbles and retired to a life of ultra-luxury there was a good reason for it. This deceitful man and many, many others like him were and still are  hiding secrets of improprieties that went on in the Catholic religion for centuries’.  The stress and pressure of  it all  got too much for him to handle. Needless to say that he was involved in much of it.

I have said many times; perpetrators are sick in the head and that may be a poor excuse for their miss-behavior but the people that covered up their dirty secrets for whatever reason are worse than they are.

The Deflate your Ma Ma Gate is just another in the infinite long line of lies and deception. The real story may never be known.

If we can’t trust the Catholic Religion; how are we supposed to take the word of some high paid NFL referee?

Blandino maybe telling the truth but he isn’t giving anyone with common sense a reason to believe him.

Those envelopes are getting bigger and bigger.


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