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Either desperate or phony

I received this email mail this AM, supposedly from the Trump Team. I found it very amusing. Friend TONIGHT at 11:59 PM is your final chance to enter to win dinner with President Trump in Dallas, Texas. Don’t worry — … Continue reading

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A pesky mosquito in the room

Trump goes after Jemele Hill and ESPN, targets NFL ‘tax breaks’ Jemele is like a little mosquito that keeps flying around the room pestering people; not really a severe threat, just a big pain in the kiester. PDT has a … Continue reading

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Need a new strategy – the old one sucks

Trump on Puerto Rico’s debt: ‘We’re going to have to wipe that out’ Give a man a fish he eats for a day; give him a fishing rod he eats for life. If in fact PDT  is determined to bail … Continue reading

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An ounce of prevention

I would like to pass on some very important information to all of the Goomba Gazetters. I have been receiving phone calls from a particular bastard (not of the lack of a better word, he is a bastard) and the … Continue reading

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Once and for all …

Once and for all, I am going to lay the blame for allowing the anti-American displays of ignorance on the disrespectful, pampered, spoiled, overpaid brats on the NFL and its owners. FOX You can now add Kansas City Chiefs cornerback … Continue reading

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Corruption in government at its finest

To think that our government is so corrupted that they allow such deceptive practices in our voting system is unconscionable. AN “X” IN THE YES BOX MEANS NO AND an “X” IN THE NO BOX MEANS YES.  How can you … Continue reading

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Throwing the lamb into the lion’s den

When I initially read about the fight between Mayfeather and Connor; I was under the assumption that both fighters were going to be allowed to use all of the skills they have from their own profession. Now I read that … Continue reading

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