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Are you Sirius??

In my opinion, Sirius Radio is just another hustle like all the rest of the sharpies in business these days. It is rare that we can see anything that is not the 1st in their field, the best one the … Continue reading

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They said; their meat could not be beat!!

Brazil raids food giants for allegedly selling rotten meat It is not bad enough when someone/a company accidentally sells a product that they do not know it is bad/spoiled/rotten but when they do it deliberately; that puts them in their … Continue reading

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Give credit where it is due

Ladies and gents. As we all know, ever since PDT raised his right hand and took the oath of office, the stock market has gone up 2.7 trillion dollars; that is  T, not a B or an M but a … Continue reading

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Absolutley no respect for the $$$$

CNN For high-rolling drivers in the United Arab Emirates, no car is complete without a single-digit license plate. Many people in this world have a hard time making their car payment/note (note/payment depending on where you come from) but this … Continue reading

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They are sticking the Epi pen to their customers

The owners of a company called Mylan, that manufactures the EpiPen, have enjoyed a monopoly in the epinephrine injector industry after its primary competitor, Sanofi’s Auvi-Q, issued a recall last year and got their hat. What used to cost the … Continue reading

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Man speaks with forked tongue

If this information is accurate, being that is coming from the other side; I would agree that Trump does not look good under the circumstances. In my opinion; because there has been so much conversation about this commitment from … Continue reading

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Gotta be kidding me – Penis lipstick??????????????

Huffington Post People Are Going Nuts Over Disturbingly Realistic Penis Lipsticks Even at my age and have been around the block a few times; I am still  amazed by the scumbags in this world that would sell their mother for … Continue reading

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