Was it a fix?????

Miss Colombia crowned Miss Universe:

I have my reservations. .

I really don’t know what the complete criteria for winning the Miss Universe pageant is but I assume that good looks and a great figure have to be the major factors in the contest.

Take a look at these two ladies and you tell me which one deserved to be the winner.  Miss Jamaica is on the left.

mmm                                   yyyy

yyy                              Paulina Vega

All of the judges should have gone to the Sears Optical department before the contest, they had a big special on eye exams.

I am not implying that Miss Columbia isn’t a good looking women with a average figure but put her next to Miss Jamaica and Helen Keller could have picked out the prize winner better than the judges did.

Miss Jamaica was the only contestant that had short hair. That was the first time I ever saw short hair in any pageant. If the judges had a problem with that they should have informed her beforehand.  The lady was robbed.

Miss Colombia is an average good looking women with an average figure but there is a stunning quality about Miss Jamaica’s looks and figure that sets her apart from all of the other contestants.

The pageant  contrived a very creative way to pick a question all of the 5 finalists had to answer. They chose from 1,000’s of entries that were sent into FaceBook.  The question was; “What is the greatest contribution of your country to the entire world?”

It was apparent that that ridiculous question stumped a lot of the ladies and they found it very difficult to answer it.

The finalists were from Ukraine – USA – Columbia – Netherlands – Jamaica.

Now let’s be realistic. Isn’t that question a little out of line to ask people who come from parts of the world that have had some very hard times?  What is Columbia suppose to answer; we produce the best cocaine on the planet.

It was very obvious that the ladies had to dig deep to come up with an answer. The question should be of a personal nature instead of a political one. The winner should be determined by their own merits not what their country represents. They ALL have skeletons in their closets.

If it was a hair thing, possibly The Donald who owns the pageant had a hand in the decision. We all know how Donald is about hair.


That just proves my suspicious nature is on the money; everything in this world these days is crooked. Many of the winners in some of these events are determined even before they parade down the runways.

After a little research which is not a difficult thing these days thanks to Google; I found out that Miss Columbia comes for a family of famous people. Paulina’s grandfather is renowned tenor Gatsón Vega and her grandmother is Elvira Castillo, Miss Atlántico 1953. I don’t know if $$$$$ was a factor or not???

I would be willing to bet if the pageant’s winner were determined by the public instead of some celebs that want to be on The Apprentice, there would have been a completely different outcome.


Donald; Your fired!!!!

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