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Consumer’s alert

Sirius Radio serious shakedown: The other day I received my annual bill from Sirius Radio and began having some very serious chest pains. When they first came on the scene and started broadcasting in 2002 the subscriptions were $14.99 a … Continue reading

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Let the games begin

Once and awhile I come up with a brilliant idea. This has to be in my Top 10. If and when Bill’s wife and the Trumpster have their debates; they should rent out the Colosseum in Rome.  It will be … Continue reading

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The tower and the tyrant

I ran across this iconic picture of Hitler and his entourage in 1940 walking away from the Eiffel Tower and found it very interesting.  Typical politician; never passed up a photo opportunity. I have always fascinated by the facts that Hitler … Continue reading

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The gender-bender war

The America’s gender-bender bathroom war: Doesn’t this country have enough on it’s plate to deal with without this transgender nonsense?  If as much effort was put into correcting the major military and financial problems that plague our country as we … Continue reading

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Hang your head in shame America

The disgraceful scholastic/academic conditions of the the kids in our school systems in the United States: According to the news, only 37% on average of all high school kids in the United States are prepared for college in mathematics and … Continue reading

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It’s the USMC not a social club

Court-martialed for expressing faith? Court hears ex-Marine’s religious freedom case: Initially when read the headlines I thought this lady was being bamboozled. After read it I formed a different opinion. Monifa Sterling, while serving at Camp Lejeune in the Marine … Continue reading

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Sour Cruz and desperate move

Cruz should take a 8 month cruise and come back after the votes are counted.  I think it is safe to say that at this juncture the lad is just pissing up a rope. One of the most brilliant statements … Continue reading

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