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Should have slapped the shit out of him …

Guy like Matt The Mauler Some people may disagree with me; BUTT, I believe if one/some of the women Matt The Mauler molested or got out of line with, would have slapped the shit out of that pervert and reported … Continue reading

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I would like to extend my sympathies to all of the victims of gun violence in this country.  Life was not intended to be this disastrous and should not have to be this way. If ANY dangerous/illegal situation is not … Continue reading

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Dr. Copeland??????

Televangelist Gloria Copeland says you don’t need flu shot if you have Jesus Is this Bible Thumper going to accept the responsibility if and when people that took her advice, either die from the flu or get deathly sick?? I … Continue reading

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Words to the wise or words from the wise …

Fox News ‘There’s a war coming,’ Marine Corps general warns US troops Four star Marine Corps general Neller is one of the old Corps and can read the handwriting is on the wall.  These are very precarious times for the … Continue reading

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Fools behind congressional walls

Fox News Two great headlines this morning: Defense cuts looming unless Congress takes action next month While Russia – China – North Korean – Iran and some of our other adversaries  are pouring billion$ into their military, the USA is … Continue reading

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New Sheriff in town

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Is Pushing His Country To The Brink. Will It Hold Together? Just like when the Old West was engulfed in  chaos and lawlessness, out of desperation, the town father’s appointed half gun-slinger and half lawman named … Continue reading

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Don’t be surprised if ….

Trump on North Korea launch: We will handle it President Donald Trump told reporters at the White House that the United States “will handle” the situation in North Korea after the rogue nation launched yet another intercontinental ballistic missile. I … Continue reading

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