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Time IS NOT on our side …..

USA Today Predicting the next mass shooter: ‘I would say it’s impossible’ Absolutely right!! Unfortunately, mass shootings have become part of our everyday lives. There is only two ways to combat these tragic events: Vigilance – people who observe strange … Continue reading

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Who can stop these fools …..

After Kavanaugh confirmation, Pelosi vows to unearth FBI docs as Dems demand impeachment inquiry Who the hell in this government has the authority to shut down these psychotic imbeciles  that can not accept the ruling on Kavanaugh?? The are like … Continue reading

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Not a good sign of the CROSS!!!!

Chinese officials burn bibles, close churches, force Christian to denounce faith amid ‘escalating’ crackdown Next will be the execution of people who do not conform. It is the year 2018; I thought that China was working its way to complete … Continue reading

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To what extent they will go ….

For all of the lonely hearts out there that are starving for someone to pay attention to  you and make you feel special; this is just one example of how low and how far these thieves will stoop to pull … Continue reading

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I would like to see more of it cut …

End of an era as HBO kills ‘Cathouse,’ ‘Real Sex,’ adult entertainment slate For decades, it has been my opinion that the majority of of media has been a GIGANTIC negative influence on the kids in this country and probably … Continue reading

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Another doozy from the Calif. Kid ….

California to become first state eliminating bail for suspects awaiting trial I have blogged many times on the use of commonsense. Apparently, J B does not read the GG. I wonder why?  If he did, he would not make yet … Continue reading

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