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Every once and awhile ….

Dennis Kucinich: Southern border wall is a waste of money Candidate for Ohio governor Dennis Kucinich says on ‘Hannity’ that he would prefer border wall funds be used on infrastructure like bridges and roads. Every once and awhile, Dennis The … Continue reading

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They want it all – dangerous territory

Walmart is in the early stages of talks to buy health insurer Humana, according to The Wall Street Journal. A deal between the two huge companies would be the latest in a series of mergers in the health care industry … Continue reading

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Don’t bother unpacking Admin!!

Trump looks to replace David Shulkin with Adm. Ronny Jackson as Veterans Affairs secretary In my HUMBLE opinion, based on the turnover PDT’s administration has witnessed, they should be named, THE DON’T BOTHER UNPACKING ADMIN. The Commander-in-Chief shit canned another … Continue reading

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So much for patriotism

Fox 18.2 million viewers tuned into ABC’s ‘Roseanne’ revival Top Talkers: The sitcom reboot jumped right into current politics with pro-Trump Roseanne not speaking to her sister Jackie since the election. Ever since this dizzy broad made a fool out … Continue reading

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Is there nothing sacred these days????

Sandpaper scandal shakes Australian national cricket team as cheating plot revealed Sons-a-bitch; this is almost as corrupt and earth shattering as the Mafia fixing the world series in 1919. 1919 World Series. There is a great deal of evidence both … Continue reading

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Question of the day

With a hefty bank roll and some high up connections, a person can …. Question of the day: What are the two things Robert Wagner and Teddy “BOY” Kennedy have/had in common??           One guess only please. Answer:  Their lovers/partners … Continue reading

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A pillar of the medical community??? Hello …

USA TODAY EAST LANSING – The former dean of MSU’s College of Oteopathic Medicine will face charges of felony misconduct in office, fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct and two additional misdemeanors, according to documents presented in East Lansing’s 54B District Court … Continue reading

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Threw him to the Dogs ……

American who escaped Al Qaeda captivity says FBI, under Mueller and Comey, betrayed him A friend in need is a friend indeed – when your back is against the wall, that is when you see who your good friends are, … Continue reading

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Thought he could walk on water ..

Former MLB slugger Albert Belle arrested at spring training game in Arizona, report says Albert Bell; the name seems to have a ring to it. At one time, Albert was one hell of a player, BUTT had a personality like … Continue reading

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Behavior and personal morality?????

CNN A prime-time dish by Stormy Daniels about her alleged affair with Donald Trump is a reminder that there are some things even a president can’t control.   Stormy Daniels says she was threatened to keep quiet about Trump The … Continue reading

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