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Why not??

Russians tell US to remove warplanes from Syria, senior official says: Why not?? If the Judo Guy’s intentions are on the up and up as they can be questionable at times; if he is really determined to wipe out ISIS … Continue reading

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They called him out

It can be said; that the day of reckoning came for Obama at the UN meeting yesterday. The Judo Guy and some of the other world’s leaders put it all on the table for Obama and showed their displeasure with his … Continue reading

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Will the real Judo Guy please stand up

If you want to see just how cagey (KGB) the Judo Guy can be, watch this interview that he did with Charlie Rose from CBS. One thing to bear in mind; Putin is a former high ranking KGB agent … Continue reading

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Pope Francis; speaking to deaf ears

Pope Francis addresses a joint meeting of Congress in Washington on Sept. 24, 2015. He urged lawmakers to make a “courageous and responsible effort” on climate change. Do you really think many of them are listening? We can label it … Continue reading

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Jesse James vouching for Doc Holiday

Bill Clinton on email scrutiny: ‘I’ve never seen so much expended on so little’: Possibly the big guy is missing the point. It is not the email or any other shenanigan she pulled; it is lies that she continues to … Continue reading

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Letting the fox in the hen house

I think it is a big mistake to invite the Chinese Prime Minister to the White House and treat him as a dignitary. How many times does a country have to put the screws to the USA before our leaders … Continue reading

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Do these people have a heart or soul????

Planned Parenthood How can any normal human-being with any conscience at all look at these undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood officials making deals to sell body part of a fetus and justify or deny it? According to some reports, there … Continue reading

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Originally posted on usaculture:
I truly wish I could take credit for what’s below but this post is happily copied from an unknown source and legitimate or not, I find that it simply isn’t possible to say it better. For the last…

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Pope Francis is a good man and a true believer

Based on all outward appearances Pope Francis is the real deal. I want to believe that he is a good man and different from all of his predecessors. Years back I had a great deal of respect for Pope John … Continue reading

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Korrupte Regierungsbeamte

German ministers were reportedly warned of VW test-beating software: Who is the bigger criminal; the offender/lawbreaker or the people that covers it up? I say they are equally as guilty. In this case it appears that some heads of the … Continue reading

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