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Possibly smoking Mexican weed

This interview between Vinnie Fox and that Smirking Cheesy Cat Anderson Cooper is a joke.            Helen Keller could see that Cooper was leading the Mexican ex-pres like a seeing … Continue reading

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A bird in the hand was ……

USA Today Evidently Ian Desmond never heard of the old sayings; a bird in the hand is worth two in a bush or get it while the getting is good. Most people; if they would have just signed an 8 … Continue reading

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FBI = Furget – Bout – It

It was supposed to be one of the top and most powerful law enforcement agencies in the USA – the pillars of justice – an organizations everyone looked up to and admired. It seems that Apple and Bill’s wife have … Continue reading

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Go ahead – go home Chris

The Hill A very unappreciative Trump caught telling Christie to ‘go home’ moments after his former rival endorsed him : You know what I say  to these headlines;   As all of the fine people that follow the Goomba Gazette know, … Continue reading

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Fox News Ex-Mexican President Vicente Fox: Donald Trump reminds me of Hitler:           I don’t see any similarities whatsoever. I predicted this a long time ago stating; if Donald Trump becomes president there is going to … Continue reading

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Some Americans have some sense

Americans are siding with the FBI in iPhone battle with Apple, new poll says: If it were their family that were involved in the San Bernadino slaughter, would it make a difference to the fools siding with Apple not knowing … Continue reading

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Put a muzzle on them

On February 28th the Oscars will hit the airwaves again; showcasing all of the Special People in the movie industry. I still say Will Smith should have got the nod for Concussion!!!! Most of them are decent people; some came … Continue reading

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Surprise – Surprise – Surprise

Israel blasts Iran’s new cash-for-terrorists scheme aimed at rewarding families of ‘martyrs’: Now that Iran is once again flush or as they say in Vegas in the chips, thanks to the 150 BBBBBillion the USA just released to them (we … Continue reading

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They got big ones

Apple files motion denying FBI request: Apple my have bit off more than they can chew snubbing their nose at the FBI. I wonder if it were one of his family members lives were at risk; would Tim Cook look … Continue reading

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Slaughtering mercenaries

Dentist who shot Cecil the lion wanted to kill elephant next, guide says kill elephant next, guide says Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who has gone into hiding amid an international outcry over his killing of a beloved African … Continue reading

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