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Possibly smoking Mexican weed

This interview between Vinnie Fox and that Smirking Cheesy Cat Anderson Cooper is a joke.            Helen Keller could see that Cooper was leading the Mexican ex-pres like a seeing … Continue reading

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A bird in the hand was ……

USA Today Evidently Ian Desmond never heard of the old sayings; a bird in the hand is worth two in a bush or get it while the getting is good. Most people; if they would have just signed an 8 … Continue reading

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FBI = Furget – Bout – It

It was supposed to be one of the top and most powerful law enforcement agencies in the USA – the pillars of justice – an organizations everyone looked up to and admired. It seems that Apple and Bill’s wife have … Continue reading

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Go ahead – go home Chris

The Hill A very unappreciative Trump caught telling Christie to ‘go home’ moments after his former rival endorsed him : You know what I say  to these headlines;   As all of the fine people that follow the Goomba Gazette know, … Continue reading

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Fox News Ex-Mexican President Vicente Fox: Donald Trump reminds me of Hitler:           I don’t see any similarities whatsoever. I predicted this a long time ago stating; if Donald Trump becomes president there is going to … Continue reading

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Some Americans have some sense

Americans are siding with the FBI in iPhone battle with Apple, new poll says: If it were their family that were involved in the San Bernadino slaughter, would it make a difference to the fools siding with Apple not knowing … Continue reading

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Put a muzzle on them

On February 28th the Oscars will hit the airwaves again; showcasing all of the Special People in the movie industry. I still say Will Smith should have got the nod for Concussion!!!! Most of them are decent people; some came … Continue reading

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