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Being overly PC can be very costly

Seattle struggling to pay for bike lanes, as costs for ‘visionary’ project balloon to $12 million per mile: report It seems that there are many downsides to the PC correctness movement at the Home of Pike Peak Market. It is … Continue reading

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Should no longer be a player …..

John Kerry under fire for reported ‘shadow diplomacy’ to save Iran deal Former Secretary of State John Kerry is under fire over a report claiming that he has been engaged in “shadow diplomacy” with officials from Iran and Europe as … Continue reading

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Did she say deserve???

Maxine Waters tells Trump to resign, ‘just get out’ at TIME 100 Gala honoring her Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., called on President Trump to “please resign” at the TIME 100 Gala on Tuesday night, so that she “won’t have to keep … Continue reading

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Lynched themselves in their own words

Once up a time, there were two men that rose from the ashes of the mean streets of The Big Apple and stepped into what some people thought to be the pinnacle of success. They became cops in the NYPD. … Continue reading

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Did Jer really say that?????

Gov. Jerry Brown Says He’ll Comply With Trump’s National Guard Order — With A Big Caveat Possibly I am missing something??? California will add additional National Guard troops, but they won’t be used to enforce federal immigration efforts. California Gov. … Continue reading

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Privileged Brat

Kennedy dynasty faces a reckoning as controversial film hits theaters I think we can safely say that the Kennedy Clan had a license to get away with murder. Who else but a Kennedy could pull off what Teddy Boy did … Continue reading

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Thought he could walk on water ..

Former MLB slugger Albert Belle arrested at spring training game in Arizona, report says Albert Bell; the name seems to have a ring to it. At one time, Albert was one hell of a player, BUTT had a personality like … Continue reading

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