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The clock of faith has run out

Pope Francis open to allowing married priests in Catholic Church This move on the pope’s part has to be a sign of desperation trying to keep the failing Catholic religion afloat. On the other side of the coin; if Pope … Continue reading

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Bless me Father for I have filmed

Parish Priest Under Investigation For ‘Organizing and Filming Sex Parties’ Italian police are investigating a priest in Italy name Cotin for allegedly organizing and filming sex parties in the rectory of his church and acting as a pimp to some of … Continue reading

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Abort that decision Francis

Pope Francis extends Catholic priests’ right to forgive abortion Many times the relaxation or alteration of the rules, laws and or regulations weaken the system and the stability of any organization no matter what genre they are affiliated with. I … Continue reading

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Conmen & Caddy

In the order of untrustworthiness, I am going to award with politicians  being #1. In the # 2  spot in the Hall of Shame goes to used car salesmen. Last but definitely not least in the # 3 slot are … Continue reading

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A credit to the cloth

‘I did not check their religion’: Priest earns praise, threats for saving thousands from violence in Africa Fox News This is what I am talking about. Here we have a man who is putting his life on the line, is … Continue reading

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Another Unholy Impostor close to the Pope

Senior Vatican official admits he didn’t act on pedophile claim: As I suggested so many time; this pedophile thing in the Catholic Church goes all the way to the top. ALL of the popes for centuries knew exactly what was … Continue reading

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Sacreligious sinners

Fox News Pa. bishops hid sex abuse of hundreds of children, grand jury finds Who are they going to tell their confession to??? I hope it is the devil. The two scumbags are Bishops James Hogan and Joseph Adamec. Hogan, … Continue reading

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