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In their finest hour ….

Diplomatic disconnect with North Korea spells trouble for Trump In their finest hour, none of the Boulder Rollers could have very accomplished what PDT has so far with NK. All of the critics of PDT’s maneuvers with NK are under … Continue reading

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Are you kidding me …

Fox News America needs a national terrorist registry to keep us safe Are you kidding me?? Anything that makes the least bit of sense; we can be sure that the PC-Boulder Rollers/left-winger/anti-Americans will definitely find an objection. They would claim … Continue reading

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Kelly vs Fonda cat fight

Fox News Megyn Kelly’s shock attack on Jane Fonda has globetrotting NBC exec in hot water Fonda: You can ask me about being a traitor, but never mention my face-lifts The Cat fight all started during an interview in September … Continue reading

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I wanna be 1st

ABC News suspends Brian Ross over ‘serious error’ in Flynn report .@ABC News statement on Michael Flynn report:¬† One of the biggest mistakes made in the media is them being consumed with being 1st with the scoop and being … Continue reading

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It should be called the Obama Fund

All US bases in Mideast in range of Iran’s missiles, Iranian general says These are not the same missiles that Obama funded the Iranian government to build, are they?? These are not the missiles that the Iranians told Obama they … Continue reading

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Wanna get depressed?? Read the news

FOX News headlines HAVOC ON HIGH SEAS Search for 10 missing US sailors after collision China newspaper claims US Navy is ‘hazard’ in Asian waters VIDEO: Search underway for 10 US sailors missing after collision Peters on USS McCain collision: … Continue reading

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When we play under a desk we ……

Monica Lewinsky slams Fox News in a New York Times op-ed I loved to old Chinese saying. They have one for just about everything. One that fits this scenario to a “T” is; women who plays in pantry gets ass … Continue reading

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Thin skin or thick hair

(CNN) Bill O’Reilly’s insult to Rep. Waters should offend all Americans Bill O’Reilly appeared on Fox & Friends the other day. Somewhere in his dialog, he made reference to Rep. Maxine Waters doo. It just so happened that Ms. Waters … Continue reading

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Coming around???

USA Today When ‘sanctuary cities’ go too far: Our view Little by little; anyone with any common sense at all should come to the realization that sanctuary cities are strictly against federal laws and can be very detrimental in the … Continue reading

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Fox News Sen. Kaine’s son arrested at Trump rally in Minnesota: The son of Hillary Clinton’s former running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, was one of six arrested Saturday protesting a rally in support of President Trump at the Minnesota State … Continue reading

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