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Will there ever be a line drawn ……

Fox Teen Vogue defends teaching kids how to engage in sodomy Under which rock were these degenerate, scum of the earth at Teen Vogue born? This magazine should be boycotted; the editors and owners should  be tarred, feathered and run … Continue reading

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The train left long ago.

USA Today America sees alarming spike in middle school suicide rate Bend the tree when it is young There are many reasons the kids today are taking what they think is the easy way out. In my opinion, 98% … Continue reading

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Starbucks star is being smeared with ……

Reblog from Bruttius Starbucks Crumbles As Investigator Finds 30% Of Coffee Tests Positive Posted by Georgette Walrath | Jun 29, 2017 | Breaking News, Top Article Many people around the world enjoy iced coffee and other cool drinks from baristas employed by Starbucks, Caffe Nero, and … Continue reading

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The true purpose of martial arts

Drunk Man Confronts Former MMA Fighter Outside a Walmart, With Unexpected Result What we see in this video is the true concept of what the martial arts should be all about. Former UFC and Bellator fighter Tom DeBlass, a decorated … Continue reading

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They said; their meat could not be beat!!

Brazil raids food giants for allegedly selling rotten meat It is not bad enough when someone/a company accidentally sells a product that they do not know it is bad/spoiled/rotten but when they do it deliberately; that puts them in their … Continue reading

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Spin your way to cleaner ivories

The Goomba Gazette Consumers Report: A couple of months ago  need a new power toothbrush. I looked at all of the selections in my local drugstore and decided on a Spinbrush.  My tooth has been thanking me ever since. ARM … Continue reading

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Discipline is the answer Eat Mediterranean diet for a healthier and younger brain, studies say How much money is spent each year on the thousands of diets out there that possibly would work but the vast majority of people are too undisciplined or … Continue reading

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