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TRADING WITH THE DEVIL? Fate of Japanese hostage in doubt after Jordan agrees to ISIS demands:

Like my friends from By God W. Va. would say; the world is between a rock and a hard place when dealing with terrorists.


Sad as it may be; countries cannot give into the ISIS monetary demands for many reasons. First and foremost; the ransom that a country would give ISIS would be essentially be used against that country to destroy it.

In the case of Jordan making a prisoner swap is an entirely different scenario that possibly would hopefully not be a threat to the Jordon.

Gun range’s ban on Muslims draws fire:

Good for this gutsy lady. She has more backbone than a lot of the so called macho men out there.


If the schools that allowed suspicious Muslim people to take flying lesson before 911 had the same smarts as Jam Morgan possibly the outcome would have been a lot different.

I would rather shut it down and be wrong then let it slide to be PC and suffer the consequences.

In the five months since Jan Morgan banned Muslims from her gun range in Hot Springs, Ark., business has boomed and predictions of a lawsuit brought by federal civil rights enforcers have so far proved inaccurate.

 AG nominee backs Obama on immigration actions, cites ‘right’ to work for all residents:


What is lady is over looking because of her tentative appointment is one word; illegal.

Does this position of her’s surprise anyone? If it does it shouldn’t.

Anyone with any sense knows, if any of Obama’s cabinet members don’t play the game his way, he shows them the highway.

Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch backed up President Obama on his controversial immigration executive actions during her confirmation hearing Wednesday — while going as far to say she believed in an illegal immigrant’s “right” and “obligation to work.” 

That is the way it should be in any big business; always support the boss.  Only in this case the boss is way out of line.

JFK had a saying he used; “it is my football and you are going to play the game my way.”

Defense in case of woman accused of poisoning son with salt faces uphill battle, legal experts say:


This is one evil women if the allegations against her are true. All indicators are leading in that direction.

How can any parent poison their kid, especially over a period of time and watch them suffer a slow and lengthy death?

There is a sickness  called Munchhausen syndrome. It is where a parent will get satisfaction out of the attention they get by making one of their kids ill and sometimes die. That can  very well be what this person is suffering from.

Little Garrett was hospitalized 23 times until he eventually died of salt poisoning. His devoted mother shared the hospital room with him during his illness. Authorities think that she injected the salt through his feeding tube.


What liberal critics don’t get about “American Sniper”

I can guarantee these tree huggers’ one thing, including Michael The Mouth Moore. If a terrorist had a knife at any one of their throats, they can bet their lilly white ass they would want to have an American sniper with a bead on that terrorists head.


Let me give these ultra-liberal people a little clue; they don’t have a clue.

Famed SC civil rights protesters have convictions erased:

Good for them. It is about time these people were vindicated and I hope they are richly rewarded for being convicted in the first place.


As the Judge Mark Hayes said in this case “We cannot rewrite history, but we can right history.”

Lets hope there are more judges sitting on the bench like this guy.

2015 Super Bowl ads hot or not? Puppies, Kardashians, ex jocks

The American Way at its finest. Money before decency.

Once again; some of the commercial that will be shown during the Super Bowl absolutely are not intended or suitable for family viewing.

I contend if someone wants to watch a porno it is strictly up to them; they have that right. But when suggestive commercials are injected into what is supposed to be a family sporting event where young kids are watching, they are totally out of line.

I know I am fighting a losing battle but I happen to be from the old school where we believed that kids were taught by example.

It seems to me that the silent majority that had some clout in this country at one time has fallen to the wayside. Their silence is deafening.

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