Sticks and stones will …..

It is no secret that Obama and Netanyahu have no use for one another. Is it obvious?


CBS News

On Thursday, the Obama administration put out the word that neither President Obama, Vice President Joseph Biden nor Secretary of State John Kerry would meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he visits Washington in March. It is an unprecedented snub, provoked by Netanyahu’s far-from-unprecedented effort to thwart a key US policy in the Middle East: achievement of a nuclear deal with Iran.

Logically; I said logically, I would think that these two grown men, leaders of two very crucial nations in the world would put aside their personal agendas and act like the kingpins they are supposed to be.

I don’t remember where the rift started between the two of them but it is time to put in in the closet. There is a lot at stake.

They remind me of two kids in the schoolyard that one took the others baseball away and now they wouldn’t take to each other.

I don’t know all of the circumstances surrounding their dislike for one another but Obama has a problem with The Judo Guy too; not that I can say I blame him.

If these powerbrokers are ever going to succeed in what should be their mutual goals, they have to put their differences aside and act like world leaders.  By them playing the I got you game, it is very counterproductive; maybe not for them but for the world.

Sticks and stones will break our bones but nukes will surely kill us.

Is this what the world leaders want to happen because someone took their baseball???

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