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Do I have the DEAL of the day for you!!

Just another FARCE  in the long line of governmental agencies There used to be a laws stated it was illegal con people through advertising with bogus products. Evidently, the law still exists, BUTT the government is sitting on the hands … Continue reading

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New scam on the horizon FOLKS …..

Philadelphia Starbucks’ embattled manager decides to leave company, report says What did the manager do wrong?? The way I see it, nothing. He refused a couple of squatters from using the restroom (not a bathroom), and then AXED them to … Continue reading

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The beauty of being a politician

Democrats and the GOP seek deal to reopen the government as they blame each other for impasse There are soooo many perks attached to being a politician, they are really tooo many to count.  They make fabulous $oldi for very … Continue reading

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Finger licking good – Not Kentucky Fried

Attorney Lisa Bloom sought to line up paydays for women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct: report It is no wonder that many ambulance chasers are not thought to kindly and are way down on the popularity charts. Lisa Bloom looks … Continue reading

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Either desperate or phony

I received this email mail this AM, supposedly from the Trump Team. I found it very amusing. Friend TONIGHT at 11:59 PM is your final chance to enter to win dinner with President Trump in Dallas, Texas. Don’t worry — … Continue reading

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Corruption in government at its finest

To think that our government is so corrupted that they allow such deceptive practices in our voting system is unconscionable. AN “X” IN THE YES BOX MEANS NO AND an “X” IN THE NO BOX MEANS YES.  How can you … Continue reading

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Theft in office

(CNN) Congress returns for three-week sprint to salvage health care bill Congress returns Monday from its Fourth of July break to face a critical three-week sprint during which Republican leaders hope to resolve key stalled issues before leaving town again … Continue reading

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