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Monsieur et madame étiquette

McDonald’s France has $15 burger that comes with a knife and fork Leave it to the French to top the charts when it comes to over the top etiquette.  Published June 15, 2017 Fox News   McDonald’s restaurants in France … Continue reading

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If they didn’t have bad luck, they wouldn’t have any

Chipotle says malware hack stole customer payment info Let see. They started out as a Mexican eatery, until they made 100’s of people across the country sick. There had a series of outbreaks involving E. coli, salmonella, and norovirus at … Continue reading

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They said; their meat could not be beat!!

Brazil raids food giants for allegedly selling rotten meat It is not bad enough when someone/a company accidentally sells a product that they do not know it is bad/spoiled/rotten but when they do it deliberately; that puts them in their … Continue reading

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Discipline is the answer Eat Mediterranean diet for a healthier and younger brain, studies say How much money is spent each year on the thousands of diets out there that possibly would work but the vast majority of people are too undisciplined or … Continue reading

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Grow up Dudes

Italian restaurant under fire for selling ‘Black Olives Matter’ merchandise A restaurant owner in New Mexico is trying to push a new sandwich he put together by developing a slogan for it by naming one of its ingredients, black olives. … Continue reading

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3 cheers for Joe

Coffee’s latest health perk? The more Joe you drink the better your chances are for beating colon cancer. Drink it black – with milk – milk and sugar – decaf or regular, it doesn’t matter. You can even drink it … Continue reading

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Turn up the heat folks – you may live longer

I usually don’t like to plagiarize too much if I don’t have to but the list of health benefits of eating hot peppers are too numerous for me to list. So I enlisted the help of, a great organization. … Continue reading

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