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Tis the season to be jolly.

Tis the season to be jolly. Headline on Huffington Post website: BLACK FRIDAY BEGINS – EARLY!… 2 Arrested In Walmart Parking Lot Stabbing… Fights Reportedly Break Out… Las Vegas Shopper Shot On Way Home… New Jersey Man Pepper Sprayed… PHOTO: … Continue reading

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Thieves Welcome

Just a little bit more of encouraging information for all Americans concerning the Obomba-Care fiasco. I understand that to date there has not been any security procedures set in place to keep the “cyber-pirates” from commandeering the personal information from … Continue reading

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Bah Humbug to all of the greedy companies

It looks to me like the Scrooges in the USA are recognized on the wrong holiday. Usually Scrooge and his clones are acknowledged on Christmas as being very cheap and all about money. This Thanksgiving there are more and more … Continue reading

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Bash-ir the Basher

Baltimore Sun How Martin Bashir’s sick Palin remarks damage NBC News Why won’t Tom Brokaw, Chuck Todd, Brian Williams, others speak out? That is a foolish question. The only answer can be; they were told not to comment on “Bash-ir … Continue reading

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Hitler lost his healthcare insurance

Contributing reporter C L – copy and paste This is unbelievable funny – the imagination some people have is remarkable

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Pill popping society

CDC: Two million more kids diagnosed with ADHD since 2004: The USA has become a pill popping society that is over medicating everyone including the kids.                              New research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals an … Continue reading

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What is baffon?

Limbaugh makes a fool out of himself once again: Rush Limbaugh invoked a rape analogy on Friday to criticize President Obama’s move to support filibuster reform. Let’s forget the Senate for a minute,” Limbaugh began. He told his listeners to … Continue reading

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This violent game will not end pretty

The Knockout game: These punks that are going around knocking out unsuspecting people hopefully are going to run into some guy with a knife or a gun that will use it in defense of himself and they will deserve whatever they get. … Continue reading

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Semper Fi to the Ladies

THE FIRST 3 Female Marines Graduate Grueling Infantry Training Course The first three women to ever complete the Marine Corps’ grueling combat training course graduated from infantry school in Camp Geiger, N.C., today are Pfcs. Julia Carroll, Christina Fuentes Montenegro … Continue reading

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Who are they trying to kid??

White House explains why Obama didn’t say “under God” in Gettysburg Address: All of these antics coming out of the White Hose these days are almost laughable. There isn’t anything that they feel they respect or should be accountable for. … Continue reading

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