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If you can’t do a better job; shut the &%#@ up

Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel makes anti-GOP jabs after first professing positivity Just like Sheriff Joe Arpaio did a stupendous job straightening the prison system while in Arizonian; which he later was chastised for being to strict. It is proof that … Continue reading

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Lady Laura

Ingraham: My criticism of LeBron had nothing to do with race I am an equal opportunity critic when it comes to left wing celebrities sounding off on topics of which they know little. LeBron James doesn’t seem too concerned about … Continue reading

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Even PDT gets a pat on the head once and awhile …

CNN Lloyd Blankfein: Economy is ‘higher’ under Trump than if Clinton won It is taking some time, but it appears that some of the truthful people on the opposite side of the fence are giving PDT a little stroke-job/pat on … Continue reading

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Fox Marc Thiessen: Trump won over a lot of Americans this week. Let’s see what he does now Any open minded, intelligent person – I say – any open minded, intelligent person that watched PDT address the nation, (intelligent being … Continue reading

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I hope their pay-back will come

DOJ threatens to subpoena sanctuary cities – prompting mayors to boycott Trump meeting The Justice Department on Wednesday threatened to subpoena 23 jurisdictions if they don’t turn over information about their “sanctuary” policies — triggering a backlash from mayors across … Continue reading

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Aids working overtime to cover up for PDT

PDT is at it AGAIN!! President Trump said he lamented “shit-hole countries” trying to immigrate to the USA during immigration negotiations on Thursday with lawmakers in the Oval Office, Fox News has confirmed. For the life of me I … Continue reading

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PC-pathetic, Passive governing does not work

Gianno Caldwell: ‘Black Lives Do Not Matter to Rahm Emanuel, Black Votes Do’ PC-pathetic, passive, permissive governing does not work. It is as plain as the cut off middle finger on Emanuel’s right hand. The rumor is; Ram gave some … Continue reading

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