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Tight lipped??? Not

Trump may visit demilitarized zone in South Korea to send a ‘significant message’ President Donald Trump may visit the demilitarized zone on the Korean Peninsula next month in a bid to send a “significant message” to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. … Continue reading

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Macauly Trump – Home Alone

FOX News Steve Bannon out at the White House There was a movie made years ago that may have been a prelude to PDT’s presidency. It was call Home Alone. Different scenario but very similar  in description. It is like … Continue reading

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Abbastanza è sufficiente

Donald Trump Jokes About Firing Tom Price If GOP Repeal Effort Fails I really hate to admit it, BUT the mission of the Goomba Gazette is to; tell it like it is and shoot straight fro the hip. This man … Continue reading

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It is about time the Ship of Fools …

Fox Media Buzz Does it matter? No evidence of Trump ‘collusion’ with Russia as media shift focus Like the British  always say; no shit Sherlock!! It is about time the Ship of Fools jumped ship and focused their attention on … Continue reading

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Shudda started a lot sooner

Dozens of MS-13 gang members nabbed in 40+ Los Angeles raids: Los Angeles (CNN) Hundreds of federal and local authorities stormed homes and storefronts across Los Angeles early Wednesday, targeting dozens of high-ranking members of the notorious MS-13 street gang. … Continue reading

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Make it on OUR terms

North Korea open to US talks under right conditions, diplomat says I know that PDT is a hell of a negotiator and has years of experience under that size 44 – 46 belt line of his. If and when (I … Continue reading

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The Shadow knows

According to FBI director Comey; it is his belief that Russia was attempting to help the Trump campaign and hurt the Clinton machine. Common-sense tells me that it doesn’t make sense, unless The Judo Guy and PDT are in bed … Continue reading

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