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Afraid?? He better be!!

Virginia congressman: I am afraid for our future In an interview with Maria Bartiromo, Congressman Tom Garrett expressed his concerns for the future and the safety of this country. He is one of, out of all the many political fools … Continue reading

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Poor PC-police work

London terror attack: British officials missed warning signs ahead of recent assault Here I go again, playing my broken record that the PC authorities around the world are not listening to.                                        Terrorists involved in each of the three recent … Continue reading

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If not NOW; When????

 Published May 24, 2017 Fox News Armed police respond after reports of an explosion at Manchester Arena during an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, Monday, May 22, 2017. Several people have died following reports of an explosion Monday night … Continue reading

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How do we spell FAA – Stupid???

FAA considers allowing drones to fly over people Let us not forget that these are the same people that wanted to allow knives under 4″ back on the airplanes after 911. With all of the negative press drones are getting … Continue reading

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Kill us; PLEASE

Kerry admits some Iran deal funds will likely go to terror: UNBELIEVABLE It seems it is becoming ROUTINE that I am gathering my 5th grade students together and quizzing them on the logic and rationality of what our government officials … Continue reading

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The Tooth Fairy is here

Obama signs executive order revoking Iran nuclear sanctions We can probably bundle them all into one neat little package  – the Tooth Fairy – Santa – Easter Bunny and wind up with all of the make believe fantasies our president believes … Continue reading

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The ink isn’t even dry yet

Iran deal open for debate? Tehran presses new ayatollah demand: The ink isn’t even dry yet. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei demands that sanctions be lifted entirely, not just suspended. A top Khamenei adviser reiterated that demand over the weekend — ahead … Continue reading

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