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Who is the Prof kidding ……

USA Today Professor’s ‘penis size’ research project seeks 3,600+ explicit photos Personally, I think this cute as a button professor just wanted to start a scrap-book with a collection of men’s various endowments. SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Alicia Walker is used … Continue reading

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The Wolfe in the hen house

James A. Wolfe, former Senate Intel panel security director, indicted for allegedly lying to FBI If anyone had access to sensitive information, it was this weak-sister Wolfe. The Wolfe in the hen house was the former security director for the … Continue reading

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BBB (Brass Balls Billy)

Bill Clinton says impeachment hearings would have begun already if a Democrat were president Former President Bill Clinton argued Sunday that impeachment hearings would already be in full swing if a Democrat were in the Oval Office and if the … Continue reading

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It is the Boulder Rollers turn in the box

Fox News Eric Schneiderman, powerful NY Democrat accused of violence against women and drug abuse, resigns as state attorney general His close friends, the ones that know him intimately, call him Eric The Slapper and Eric The Choker, because of … Continue reading

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This maybe a real NOSE GROWER ……

Giuliani says Trump paid $130G to Cohen for ‘expenses’ over several months Citizen Trump to COHEN:  I have so much $oldi; I don’t want to know what you are doing with the 130, G’s I am giving you. Pinocchio is … Continue reading

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Where does Harry draw the line???

Meghan Markle’s steamy ‘Suits’ sex scenes were hidden from Queen Elizabeth, says Princess Diana’s biographer I have had an uneasy feeling about this marriage from the get-go. There’s too many skeletons in Meghan’s closet as far as I’m concerned. I … Continue reading

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HEAD-line of the day

FOX NEWS HOT OFF THE PRESSES Doctor’s lover dies after ingesting cocaine while performing sex act, report says A woman died after her German doctor lover allegedly sprinkled cocaine on his penis before she gave him oral sex. Plastic surgeon … Continue reading

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