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A sad day for the ladies

Dr. Huxtable walked out of court once again and not in handcuffs. The judge in the case was forced to declared a mistrial. What an injustice to all the ladies he molested and all the other ladies in the world … Continue reading

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What if she were the judge’s sister?

Judge sentences man who raped sister to probation, citing ‘stigma’ What we have ladies and gents are a particular group of incompetent people sitting on the bench dress in a black robe, with too much authority, not enough commonsense, entirely … Continue reading

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When we play under a desk we ……

Monica Lewinsky slams Fox News in a New York Times op-ed I loved to old Chinese saying. They have one for just about everything. One that fits this scenario to a “T” is; women who plays in pantry gets ass … Continue reading

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Another oversexed degenerate bastard

‘Sons of Guns’ reality TV star Will Hayden gets life in prison plus 40 years for rape  NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Once a flying high as a star on the TV series Sons of Guns; Hayden is going to spend … Continue reading

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The band wagon is getting bigger

To me, it is very unusual that many of the ladies do not come out of their closet with their accusations until the $oldi starts flowing. Now Debbie Schlussel is accusing Sean Hannity of crossing the dirty little line.   … Continue reading

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No longer a factor on the Factor

If the accusations are correct, Bill ORilley is just another in the very long line of horny men that let their wrong head do their thinking. Most come and stay for a short time, some come and stay a little … Continue reading

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The Brittany way of tipping the cabbie

Fox News Ohio woman charged with raping, robbing male taxi driver This dig-bat broad found a new way to pay for her cab ride.  She must be pleased with her transaction, check out the smile on her face when she … Continue reading

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