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The high price of nookey

I always like to put things into prospective. I saw on the tube, the fired Fox anchor, Wild Bill O’Reilly paid out 32 mmmmmillion dollar$ in hush money to keep Lis Wiehl quiet after he forced her into a non-consensual … Continue reading

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Speak up folks

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Quentin Tarantino for decades has been hearing about Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual abuse, and regrets not taking the accusations more seriously, he told The New York Times in an interview published Thursday.   “I knew … Continue reading

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Hallucinating Hillary

Hillary Clinton calls Trump ‘sexual assaulter’ in BBC interview, but says Bill’s behavior ‘in the past’ This women has no boundaries to her animosities. She consistently forgets that in many cases, silence is golden. The less said the better. She … Continue reading

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Shudda waiting a little longer

Female teacher, 35, found guilty of turning classroom into sex den with teen boys A California teacher found guilty of turning her classroom into a private sex den during school hours is now facing six years in prison over the … Continue reading

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You lie and I will swear to it; Wineburger’s board of liars

Weinstein Board Says It Didn’t Know Of Sexual Misconduct Allegations. Experts Don’t Buy It. Four Weinstein Co. board members say they had no idea former CEO Harvey Weinstein had settled sexual harassment suits.    LARRY – CURLY – MOE – … Continue reading

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The son of a bitch destroyed his own son

Jeffrey Sandusky Pleads Guilty To 14 Counts Of Child Sex Abuse Ahead Of Trial The 41-year-old is the son of Jerry Sandusky, a former Penn State football coach and convicted child molester. Jeffrey Sandusky, the 41-year-old son of former Penn … Continue reading

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The Fox-ers in the hen house

Eric Bolling out at Fox News after report of lewd text messages It may be something in the coffee at Fox that these high-flying Fox-ers are drinking. With so many of the boarder crossers/offenders in one place, there has to … Continue reading

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