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She is their Top Gun????

Pelosi describes 9/11 attacks as ‘incident,’ suggests GOP weaker on border than Democrats What else¬† would we expect to come out of this Overdue for retirement old broady’s mouth who been milking the system for decades.¬† She is an embarrassment … Continue reading

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Avenatti & Daniels, setting the world right …

Fox Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti teases potential 2020 run against Trump Michael Avenatti, the attorney for adult film star Stormy Daniels, set off Independence Day fireworks on Twitter Wednesday when he declared that he would run for president in … Continue reading

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So much for patriotism

Fox 18.2 million viewers tuned into ABC’s ‘Roseanne’ revival Top Talkers: The sitcom reboot jumped right into current politics with pro-Trump Roseanne not speaking to her sister Jackie since the election. Ever since this dizzy broad made a fool out … Continue reading

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Time to act PDT

FOX NEWS Trump: Without ICE, California would be ‘crime nest’ @POTUS: “The sanctuary city situation… The protection of these horrible criminals in California, that if we ever pulled our ICE out… in 2 months they’d be begging for us to … Continue reading

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Republicans demand answers over claims Obama gave Hezbollah a pass Anyone that does not believe that Obama would not have hocked his grand dad’s wooden leg or sold his granny’s douche pot to get the Iran deal signed; I want … Continue reading

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Thou shalt not lie

Come on Joel; you of anyone should know the 10th commandment. In this interview, the Ipana Kid tried to weasel out of not inviting victims of Harvey into his church; in his words, there are certain unsafe conditions that … Continue reading

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Franken the Fence sitter

Franken reverses on Griffin, says it’s best’ for her not to be at book event There are a few types of people that really bother me; one of them is a Fence Sitter. Fools like this Fence Sitter, sit on … Continue reading

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Cut the guy some slack

USA Today Trump travels to Saudi Arabia as bombshells multiply in Washington USA Today, along with the other media Boulder Rollers are finding fault with PDT making a pilgrimage to try and make peace. Grow up kids. Look past your … Continue reading

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Why bother???

US lawmaker calls for probe into possible $418M arms sale to Kenya A North Carolina congressman is calling for a probe into a potential $418 million contract between Kenya and a major U.S. defense contractor announced on President Obama’s last … Continue reading

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