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Man speak with forked tongue …

LeBron James reveals he had to ‘adjust’ to white people upon entering posh Catholic high school \ A couple of things occurred to me as I read what James had  to say about his affiliation when he was younger, concerning … Continue reading

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Take Sammy with you ….

Ex-congressman says he’s ‘given up on America’ after sentenced for 3rd conviction EX-CONGRESSMAN Mel Reynolds, 66, got six months in prison for failing to file tax returns on more than $400,000 he received for consulting work. Along with his sentence, … Continue reading

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Raising the dead

W. Kamau Bell: I know what it’s like to get kicked out for being black Again; were the $tarbuck duo arrested for being black or for being squatters?? The only thing I felt was overkill, was the pair being put … Continue reading

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News media, get off of this Black-man kick already !!!!!

Philadelphia police chief defends officers who arrested black men at Starbucks The CEO of Starbucks apologized, the mayor of Philadelphia was “heartbroken” and the city police commissioner defended officers who handcuffed and arrested two black men who asked to use … Continue reading

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Frank and Jesse James – what a team

‘Smoking gun’ email reveals Obama DOJ blocked conservative groups from settlement funds, GOP lawmaker says The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee claims he obtained a “smoking gun” email that proves the Obama Justice Department prevented settlement payouts from going … Continue reading

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Pot stirring at its best

Just another example of some fools digging up dirt that does not exist. The best part about it; the school whose students made the sign apologized. I ask for what?? Where has freedom of expression or freedom of speech … Continue reading

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Disrespectful dude

Fox ‘I ain’t serving no police’: Virginia McDonald’s employee refuses to serve uniformed police officer I wonder what color/race this dude is?? It would be interesting to see, if some THUG had a gun stuck in this dude’s face; if … Continue reading

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