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Just another dried-up, loud mouth piece of useless comedy ….

Bette Midler slammed for vulgar caption of old Melania Trump modeling photo On Thursday, the dried up old prune 72-year-old actress-singer Bette Midlerposted a picture on Twitter of Melania posing in a cockpit for a GQ photo shoot, and included a … Continue reading

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Who is on video tape???

Fox News Kim Kardashian blasts ex Ray J as a ‘pathological liar’ after he shared alleged details about their sex life Good example of the kettle calling the pot black. Explicate videos have a way of coming back to haunt … Continue reading

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Hanoi Jane the traitor, still running her mouth ….

Fox Jane Fonda compares Trump to the Third Reich, Hitler: Common-sense should have told this piece of reprobate; when the traitor slithered back into this country from Vietnam after sympathizing with the enemy, (whether we were right or wrong being … Continue reading

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What the hell are trying to prove???

Celeb style: How low can they go? Why the hell wear anything at all? It seems to me that many of these exhibitionist do something outlandish to get attention when their popularity is dwindling. They should never hang a … Continue reading

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Must be a dumb blond question ..

Amy Schumer wonders whether white NFL players who don’t kneel are ‘complicit’ in racism Maybe they are racist, maybe they aren’t. The fact of the matter is, they disagree with the movement and elect not to kneel. I wonder if … Continue reading

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Harry scratched his nuts ….

USA TODAY Surf’s up! Duchess Meghan goes barefoot on Bondi Beach, talks pregnancy yoga WOW; USA Today carried the biggest headlines of the month. Duchess Meghan went bare footed on the beach. Unbelievable!! Who would have ever thought she was … Continue reading

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It doesn’t hurt when your daddy is/wasWilliam Dreyfus ….

How Julia Louis-Dreyfus quietly became the most successful sitcom star ever A  lot of doors can be open when Daddy is worth a few billion. To be exact, 3.5 billion. It is not in the same ball park as Bill … Continue reading

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