Roseann’s kissin cousin

Fergie disrespectful performance

Singer Fergie delivered what some people call a sultry (I say disgraceful) rendition of the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star Game. Not many people but the fools out there appreciated her lack of respect or talent.
I put this ego maniac, no talent fool  in the same toilet bowl as Roseanne Barr when she destroyed the National Anthem.
I would think that whomever chooses the singers to sing the National Anthem, would do a better job of selecting the person to do the honors.
These two howling crooners were not interested in promoting/honoring patriotism when they disgraced the song, they were out to make fools of themselves and the country.  Sad to say,  they have many supporters.
For the most part, patriotism has steadily dwindled in the USA in the past 30 years. Most of the blame I put on the so-called role models of political figures, out of control celebs and the media. When we have the president of the USA setting the tone, what the hell can we expect to outcome to be??
In my opinion, in his 8 years in office, Obama set the USA back in the patriotic department 50 years.  It was all contrived and intentional.
Let’s not forget to give credit to Samuel Jackson when  he said the following:

Samuel L. Jackson on Donald Trump: “If That Motherfucker Becomes …

I realize Trump was not the president at the time, BUTT he was a symbol of someone running for the office.  There are many ways to show someones disdain/ dislike for a person, BUTT Sammy Boy went too far.
Some of the other sheep like Madonna and Kathy the Butcher also topped the list of classless people. When we have high-profile fools making statements like as they did, how can we expect the kids to develop any respect for our country?
If CHC would have bested PDT in the election, this anti-American cancer would have certainly continued to spread out of control.  She vowed to carry on Obama’s legacy.
With PDT sitting in the Big Chair; at least we have a person that loves, respects and cherishes the fact that he is an American and is setting a good example in that department.  I can not say the same for CHC and company. They have only been in the political game for personal gains.
All of these unpatriotic people are tied together with a common thread; stupidity. I only hope that some day it is going to come back and bite them in their ass.
 Fools of a feather, fly together.
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