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Suineg, tahw si eht gib laed???

Some of these geniuses are living proof that common-sense and intelligence do not go hand in hand. 37 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Geniuses Give me a good amount of street sense and common sense over super intelligence yan yad … Continue reading

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3 steps up and 6 back

Trump criticized for comments on Muslim mother of fallen US soldier I worked with a great guy years back in the construction industry named John K. John was the nicest guy in the world; a very solid citizen, a patriot … Continue reading

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We pay them to break the law

It even surprised Gomer Pile that our government/Obama administration  would pay sanctuary cities around the country to break the law.  This is nothing new. It has been in practice for many years but in the last few years has totally … Continue reading

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The pot calling the kettle black

When is person lives in a glass house they better have good insurance or something like that. Here we have Eric Holder putting the bad rap on Trump for making bad decisions. WELL the following  are a few … Continue reading

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Heart wrenching story but ….

My heart goes our to Mr. Kahn and his family for their loss.  There should be more Muslim people in the USA that are as dedicated to this country as this man and his family are. Huffington Post Pakistan-born … Continue reading

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Same old sad story

Clinton: Nation is “once again at a moment of reckoning” Accepting Democratic nod, Clinton addressed America’s strength and outlined her case against Donald Trump Ever since the guys that wore the wigs put together  our political system; all we had … Continue reading

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It is a matter of survival

1 San Diego cop killed, another wounded in shooting If this is what it takes to keep the Men and Ladies in Blue safe, so be it. Whenever  a cop pulls ANYONE over, they should have to get out … Continue reading

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Heaven, I’m in heaven

Historic moment, iconic photo The only thing that comes to mind when I look at this photo is the song Dancing cheek to cheek;  especially with their eyes closed. Louie & Ella did a fine  job.

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Noodle used their noodle

Virginia police officer refused service at Noodles & Co.; Two employees fired for their ‘inexcusable actions’ I am happy to see that Noodles used their noodle and showed the  two bigotted people that refused to wait on the cops … Continue reading

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Character references?????

Some REAL CHARACTERS  did give their references @ the DNC last night. When someone is seeking a boost/support for a job or position, they usually enlist a character reference from a few well-respected people to substantiate their creditability or trustworthiness. … Continue reading

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