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You can fool some of the people some of the time, BUTT …..

Fox Candidates backed by the progressive duo Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez struggled in Tuesday’s elections; reaction from Meredith Kelly, communications director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and Matt Gorman, communications director for the National Republican Congressional Committee. Possibly, … Continue reading

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Walk in their shoes ….

FOX NEWS ACLU effect’ is to blame for Chicago’s sharp rise in crime, study says Because of the dramatic video of Laquan McDonald being shot 16 times by Chicago police officers, an agreement was reached between the Chicago Police Department … Continue reading

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How do they like their humble pie sandwiches?? With jelly or plain?

If this video is not a great example of back-get or having to eat shit; I don’t know what is!! I ran across this video on Linkedin submitted by a guy name Kevin Di Bacco.  It is probably the most … Continue reading

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Is The Virgin Mary really ……

Dems slam Kavanaugh as ‘reactionary ideologue’ as stage sets for bruising confirmation battle As I watched PDT’s nomination for Supreme Court justice and PDT showering Judge Kavanaugh with all of his accomplishments and expounding on the man’s impeccable character, I … Continue reading

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Someone should have dropped this worm

Ex-CNN producer blasts Jim Acosta for ‘self-serving antics’ Ignorance and disrespect at its finest. Make sure to watch the video to see what a fool/clown he made of himself. Acosta’s outburst: “Mr. President, will you stop calling us the … Continue reading

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Not all BUTT Most

Reuters editor in trouble for blaming Trump for Gazette massacre People like Roy (is it COCK or Cox, I am not sure) are very dangerous people.  They are like the fool that yells FIRE in a packed movies theater just … Continue reading

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The Three Stooges

Colbert, Fallon, Conan team up for comic response to President Trump’s insults I hate to insult The Three Stooges by making this comparison, BUTT I felt that this was an appropriate handle for these three clowns.          … Continue reading

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