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Idiotcratic Party – California’s finest

I coined a new name for the fools in California that call themselves Democrats; it is Idiotcrats. I think the name suits them very well. ‘Fuck Trump’ chant led by California Democratic Party Leader: What’s next? Leading the pack of  … Continue reading

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Black bandits are back

Black Students at UCLA Make Ultimatum Demanding $40 Million, Free Housing and ‘Safe Spaces’ Same O – Same O; free everything.  This has chant has been a broken record in the black community as long as Aunt Jemima is making … Continue reading

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Monumental beat-down

With all of the backlash, hate generated criticism, bad press, some contrived conversations PDT is getting slammed at him; I am wondering just how resilient the man is. I do not remember anyone in political office ever taking such a … Continue reading

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Supreme Joke

Supreme Court vacates former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s conviction I watched a segment of this on 60 Minutes Sunday. To say I was not surprised by the Supreme Jokes decision is a fair statement but to say it just reinforced … Continue reading

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PPP – Presidential Political Profit

Obama’s $400,000 Cantor Speech Makes Him Wall Street’s Newest Fat Cat To start and end with; there is nothing that Mr. O or any of his predecessors could say that would interest me; BUT Wall Street and many others see … Continue reading

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Pathetic Prof needs to be bitch slapped

(CNN) A Drexel University professor tweeted that he was “trying not to vomit or yell about Mosul” after he watched a first-class passenger give up his seat for a uniformed soldier on an airplane. Many on Twitter responded to the … Continue reading

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Worst of the worst

This is a miserable example of what our country has degenerated to. It is not bad enough that this slime bag Bow Wow had the gall to post something like this, over 9,000 other scum bags like him gave him … Continue reading

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