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Like taking Cod-Liver Oil …..

More states want recipients to earn benefits, end ‘bad habits,’ but eye help from Trump It is like taking cod-liver oil. I tastes so bad, BUTT it is necessary for good health. Way back, when social programs were set … Continue reading

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What an inspiration they are!!!

THE KEY TO SUCCESS IS EDUCATION Without their education, these three phenomenal ladies would have been, as the world viewed blacks at the time, just three average black girls who would have gone totally unnoticed in life. Instead, through their … Continue reading

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Sad to say; BUT…

Trump attacks San Juan mayor over hurricane response President Donald Trump launched an attack on San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz on Saturday for criticizing the White House’s hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico, accusing her of “poor leadership” and … Continue reading

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Definitely not an Aristotle

As successful as PDT has been in his life (aside from a few stumbles) he should be more articulate and not as condescending as he is. The doo may be the same but that is where the similarities stops.    … Continue reading

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The true purpose of martial arts

Drunk Man Confronts Former MMA Fighter Outside a Walmart, With Unexpected Result What we see in this video is the true concept of what the martial arts should be all about. Former UFC and Bellator fighter Tom DeBlass, a decorated … Continue reading

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Consumer’s report

Just a suggestion if you need it. I was using Google Chrome as a browser and it became every slow. I tried everything I could think of to get my computer back up to speed, all to no avail. All … Continue reading

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Shut the doors

Fox News More than 3,100 pregnant women in Colombia infected with Zika virus, raising fears of spread I hope that our officials are smart enough to close the boarders to these countries where the Zika virus is out of control. … Continue reading

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He got a lot of balls

Glenn Berger is no dummy. He was an part-time unemployed,  golf ball thief, stealing balls that were driven into the lakes on courses and abandon. To get by and keep the wolf away from his door he was  sell the … Continue reading

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God helps those who help themselves

Chronic Lung Disease: Starting an Exercise Plan: The vast majority of people do not ever see the correlation or benefits between exercising when they are suffering with a chronic illness or an injury. As the headlines state; start an exercise … Continue reading

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