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A Lady with a set of big ones!!!

BBC Journalist Quits After Finding Out Her Male Colleagues Made 50 Percent More Carrie Gracie wrote an open letter accusing the news outlet of breaking equality law. I give Carrie a lot of credit for telling her boss to TAKE … Continue reading

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Never enough

Seth Williams, Philadelphia’s first black DA, begins 5-year term after bribery conviction I can’t help but wonder ow many homies he sent up for the same offensive he committed are waiting at the steel  gates to welcome him. A nearly … Continue reading

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Talk about big balls …….

NBC News source says Matt Lauer will not receive a payout Years back I read a story about some guy that had a cabin in the woods where he went  a couple times a year. Every time he went there, … Continue reading

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Another false alarm FOLKS

                                   The coast is clear; come out from under the bed or from inside the closet. You probably would have never sprung for that Kobi or Dom yesterday, ate and drank as well as some of you did if you … Continue reading

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Good for the Mayoress

LaToya Cantrell elected first female mayor of New Orleans Good for Cantrell. Hopefully she can keep her hands clean in a city that is notorious for having a thief or who two served as mayor. Let us take a wait … Continue reading

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Get the epidemic bandages out

6 Women Accuse Hollywood Producer Brett Ratner Of Sexual Harassment Or Misconduct: Report ———————————————————————————————————————— Top NPR Editor Resigns After Sexual Harassment Allegations NPR put top editor Michael Oreskes on indefinite leave Tuesday after two women accused him of sexual harassment, … Continue reading

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Still to this day …..

Texans Owner On NFL Protests: ‘We Can’t Have Inmates Running The Prison’ Meteorically speaking; The systems have been letting the prisoners run their prison. The tail is wagging the dog, instead of the dog wagging the tail One inch … Continue reading

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