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Typical government blunder again – again and again

Congress may have done something useful for once but it may be too little too late. What took them so long before they recognized there was a major problem. What the government should really do is to set up a … Continue reading

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Albert has really got their number $$$$$$$$

Sony exec meeting Al Sharpton ahead of ‘Annie’ premiere: Everyone in the industry or in government that is kowtowing to this guy or in laymen’s terms kissing Albert’s ass is creating a real monster out of this guy. Not that … Continue reading

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Grimm news for Grimm

NYC congressman quitting after admitting tax evasion: WASHINGTON — A New York congressman who pleaded guilty to tax evasion last week has announced that he is resigning before lawmakers return to Washington next week. Republican Rep. Michael Grimm pleaded guilty of … Continue reading

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Dastardly driver

Talk about a heartless dude. Some bust out bus driver in the Land of Pines Trees gets four thumbs down today for his despicable behavior. This creep threw a blind couple off of his bus because their designated seating … Continue reading

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The Shack really Shakes

Shake Shack IPO Proves It’s Possible To Make Money And Pay Your Workers Well:         There are some good companies in this country after all that can still make a good profit and do not shake down … Continue reading

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Is it Warren or Billy??

Talk about an absolute fraud; the grand prize goes to Bill De Blasio (AKA Warren Wilhelm Jr) the current mayor of the Big Apple. For all of you sports fans out there that didn’t know it, De Blasio isn’t his given … Continue reading

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Obama sorry golf schedule changed wedding location: If anyone believes that for a minute, I still have some swampland for sale. Not only did Obama fourrrr this couple he actually eightedddddd  them. What horrible news. Did the two captains … Continue reading

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Total waste of taxpayers money but what’s new?

Fox News Obama doesn’t rule out US embassy in Iran: Realistically, what purpose or worthwhile functions do Embassies serve? It common knowledge the positions of ambassadorships are given out as a pay back for the support a person has extended … Continue reading

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All for nothing

U.S. Formally Ends War In Afghanistan: KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — The United States and NATO formally ended their war in Afghanistan on Sunday with a ceremony at their military headquarters in Kabul as the insurgency they fought for 13 years … Continue reading

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Where are the supposed leaders in this country?

Eric Garner’s daughter venomous posts address of cop at his death: No person in this world is responsible for the actions, good or evil, of someone in their family. Each individual has to be accountable for their own deeds. One of … Continue reading

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