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Define declaring ones self

US quietly sent $221M to Palestinians in Obama’s last hours: If this Pearl Harbor – backdoor – 11.59999th hour move was not a declaration, I don’t know what is. I proposed this question so many time before Obama got his … Continue reading

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His Coupe de gras will be …..

IS IT TO BE OR NOT TO BE, THAT IS THE QUESTION?????? If I were a betting man; pardoning Hillary may be Obama’s last rabbit he pulls out of his PARDON HAT before getting his own hat. Tomorrow can’t come … Continue reading

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Possibly one of Obama’s worst moves

BREAKING: Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning’s Sentence — She’ll Be Free in May! She’ll Be Free in May! Should have been IT will be free. What a kick in the nuts to the American people, especially the military. To start … Continue reading

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Transparency my …

I said this 1 year ago; Obama is going to pull as many clandestine shots as he can before he gets out of the Big Chair. This one is another absolute doozy, ranking up there with the best. This … Continue reading

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U.S. paid $1.3 billion to Iran two days after cash delivery Are the American people supposed to be so ignorant that we believe what this brain-washed democratic puppet  is saying; it is an insult to people intelligence. Co-incidents my … Continue reading

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Where have they been????

Obama’s Best Case for Hillary Clinton: His Own Presidential Legacy In his convention speech tonight, Barack Obama might best help his intended successor by defending his own record. Huffington Post comments in black – The Goomba Gazette’s comments in red … Continue reading

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Total denial or something else critically wrong

One question I would like to ask Mr. O; WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???? His take on Trump’s speech last night is; The Donald is overblowing the severity of all situations that are plaguing this country and the world. Tell him … Continue reading

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