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Mistrust at its finest

CNN Mistrust continues to vex fiscal cliff talks:       Is this an understatement or what? The “donkies and the elephants” have been bumping heads for many years and there doesn’t seem to be any resolutions in sight. It … Continue reading

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It ain’t science fiction anymore

Chemicals in furniture hard to avoid: One of the new studies, led by UC Berkeley and Duke University scientists, found toxic or untested flame retardants in most of the couches they examined from across the nation. The other study also … Continue reading

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How big??

Man with world’s largest upper arms: This guy is one sick puppy. What the hell is going to do with 31” biceps? Some people that need that 15 minutes of fame sure pay the price.

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Change of heart or change of cash??

Angus T. Jones Issues Apology for Trashing ‘Two and a Half Men’: Yesterday I read where Angus T. Jones, the star of one of the “trash programs” on TV got a set of nuts and told it like it was. … Continue reading

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Give it a rest dude

MSNBC Anchor Touré makes shameful attack on McCain: A nun told me in grade school told me, “empty barrels always make the loudest noises”. In Touré’s black-and-white world, McCain is a “bitter” failed candidate who has no right to dare … Continue reading

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When you thought you heard it all

Ill. man gets life term for killing wife, kids: When you thought you heard it all; up jumps another loathsome low life that should have never been born who tops just about every wrong a man can do. What should … Continue reading

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Charlie Mc Carthy and company

Republican senators say Rice meeting just leaves more questions unanswered: Three Republican senators who met Tuesday with U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice say they left the meeting with more unanswered questions about her comments after the deadly September 11 attack on … Continue reading

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How many times a week do you …..

Florida surveying young women about their sex lives in exchange for gift card: FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – The state of Florida is asking thousands of young women some intimate questions their sex lives. As tight as the economy is supposed … Continue reading

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“Teacher, you have to stay after school”

Feds: Teachers embroiled in test-taking fraud: MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — It was a brazen and surprisingly long-lived scheme, authorities said, to help aspiring public school teachers cheat on the tests they must pass to prove they are qualified to lead … Continue reading

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We don’t want to be eating with chop sticks

Google News China lands jet on carrier for the first time: Beijing: China has conducted the first landing of a fighter jet on its new aircraft carrier in a move that extends Beijing’s ability to project its growing military might … Continue reading

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