Prime swampland for sale

Wanna buy some prime swampland? I still have a few thousand acres available.


It appeared to me that Belichick was kind of pissed off that he was subjected to get on live TV and defend himself yesterday. Like a big imposition.


It isn’t that the guy was never caught with his hand in the cookie jar before.  He is notorious for his all out, whatever it takes methods of winning football games. It isn’t like he just got out of the seminary.  Maybe a bad example.

It is a good thing he wasn’t hooked up to a polygraph machine, the needle may have flown off of the machine.

Anyone that has been doing what Belichick has for 40 years and finds it necessary to dissect and discuss in such minute detail; I believe that he tried to oversell himself.

This guy is about as good as any person can get at what he does. For him supposedly to put in so much time, effort and explanation into the mechanics and texture of a football is ridiculous. He made it sound like he never picked one up before.

Atmospheric pressure – PSI – rubbing the ball – sanding the ball – massaging the ball; is all a lot of conversation.

Personally I am not convinced and I don’t know if the real story will ever be told. Lots of money behind this one.

It is very obvious when someone is telling a lie or a half-truth when they try so hard to over sell their product and that is what Bill B did.

I can’t be positive and can unconditionally say that the Patriots deflated the balls in order to win the game but if I had to put money on it I would shake my head up and down instead of side ways.

Just like Tricky Dick with Watergate; Belichick would have won the game either way.

When some people attain such a high status in their life they become paranoid and cannot and will not accept failure or defeat even if it means crossing the line.

The only thing Belichick didn’t do was dig up Walter Camp, The Father of American football and use him as a character witness.


Go Hawks!!

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