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4 – 8 – 12 – 16 – 20 -24

Man charged in golf club assault over course etiquette at Texas club This jackoff has taken his love for the game of golf to new heights or lows. Michael PUMMEL Plumlee, 27 and four of his friends were putting on … Continue reading

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Taking care of business

TRUMP’S TRIUMPH: Carrier comes to an agreement with Trump, Pence to keep ‘close to 1,000 jobs’ in Indiana PEDT is doing what a president should be doing, Taking care of business. He is out there shaking the bush and making some … Continue reading

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Poor judgment from a Poore fool

Fox News The school board in Lynchburg, Virginia will have new leadership after putting the boot to school board member Jenny Poore who used very poor judgment with the post she put on Facebook (the most dangerous thing on the … Continue reading

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What a free loading peice of work

Racist Commie Agitator Wants Reparations, Maybe Permanent White Slavery Is Best Angela Rye is a racist, trash talking serpent and is part of a,  PAY ME FOR NOT WORKING AND FOR SITTING ON LAZY ASS AT HOME WHILE TO GOVERNMENT CONTINUES TO … Continue reading

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Stranger – very strange

I am the first one that believes in – let bygones be bygones – forgive and forget – turn the other cheek- stick and stones will break my balls and so forth, BUT….. In every person life, there should be a limit … Continue reading

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I could not find anything worthwhile to post today, but I did find something away from the daily doldrums that would be a pleasant change of pace. Everyday it is still the same old with the liberal media still in shocked, crying … Continue reading

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Cut the guy some slack girls

Huffington Post Donald Trump Gorges On Himself During Thanksgiving Feast Needless to say, a vast percentage of the media have been brutal to Donald Trump, not only before the election but possibly more-so after. The numb-nuts at the Huffington Post … Continue reading

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Reward or penalty?

Stephen Port, serial killer who drugged gay men, jailed for life: This was one very busy homophobic dude. London (CNN) A serial killer who drugged and murdered four men he met on gay dating sites has been jailed for life. … Continue reading

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They all look alike

Why is it  a good majority of these PC-liberals all look like left over hippies from the 60’s. They not only look alike- they act alike and think alike.  

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All flash and no cash

There are a lot of adjectives I could use to describe Caper-dick but the best ones I can come up with, the guy is phony and a fraud. How can anyone who is supposedly as dedicated to a cause as he … Continue reading

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