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Token or qualified???

White House Breach ‘Unacceptable,’ Secret Service Director Testifies: Was Pierson really qualified for this very important position as the head of the Secret Service or was she a quota that needed to be filled? According to records, Julia Pierson was … Continue reading

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Sometime the truth hurts

Video submitted by: BF I really don’t know how accurate these numbers are but even if the narrator was even half right these are staggering  statistics and the fact speak for themselves. I will agree with his assessment of racism. … Continue reading

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Mankind is killing itself

Half the world’s wildlife gone over last 40 years: So goes wild life and the planet, so goes the human race. Mankind is literally self-destructing. Not only with all of the wars that have popped up around the globe by … Continue reading

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I salute these students

Hong Kong Police Use Tear Gas To Clear Protesters: Let us hope they do not start using live ammo.         How do you take the people’s liberties away after they lived in a democratic society for so … Continue reading

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Words of wisdom from a brilliant wacko

You can’t ever tell a book by it’s cover. He was a brilliant “Rebel with a cause” and sometimes could be totally outrageous.  He had a lot of opinions on mostly every subject but most of the time didn’t come … Continue reading

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Trying to give the Champ a 10 count

It is always about the money. Ali’s family members are throwing upper cuts and round houses at each-other trying to score a knockout in an attempt to take over the bank account or what he has left of it. Here … Continue reading

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I will flip a coin on this one

DOD planning to let illegal immigrants enlist: Good or bad idea? Only time will tell. The Defense Department plans to let some illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children enlist in the military — a policy that comes … Continue reading

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That sure isn’t fare!

Uber driver charged in hammer attack on passenger: Everyone always thought that “The Big Apple” was the nuttiest place for dealing with out of control, obnoxious  cab drivers but San Fran is putting it to shame. Patrick Karajah a driver … Continue reading

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Copycat barbaric maniac

Man Beheaded Co-Worker in Moore, Oklahoma, Workplace Attack: It doesn’t take long for the copycat worms to slither out of the slimy hiding places they live in when there is a new evil phenomenon taking place. This imitator named Alton … Continue reading

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Feathering his own nest

Al Sharpton Says He’s Helping The White House Pick The Next Attorney General: All Sharpton needs is a platform and a microphone and he is as comfortable as Brer Rabbit being thrown into his briar patch.         … Continue reading

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