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Lock her sorry ass up

Kathy Griffin: ‘I beg for your forgiveness’ for gruesome anti-Trump photo shoot You know how I feel about this tramps half-assed apology; it s a lot of on her part in an attempt to try and salvage what little … Continue reading

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Sick – psychotic imbecile

Kathy Griffin holds bloodied Trump mask in photo shoot with Tyler Shields Published May 30, 2017 Fox News Kathy Griffin holding a bloody Trump mask.  (Tyler Shields)   Trash-mouth Griffin is at it again. The outspoken (ignorant) comedian posed for … Continue reading

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They finally woke up

US using ‘annihilation tactics’ in final stages of ISIS fight in Mosul, Mattis says Published May 29, 2017 Fox News Defense Secretary James Mattis said Sunday the U.S. has switched to “annihilation tactics” against the Islamic State and is focused … Continue reading

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He is just nutty enough

North Korea threat: Mattis says war with isolated nation would be ‘catastrophic’ The Kid-Dick-Tator is not wrapped like the normal human beings in this world are.  The Kid has been brainwashed, schooled, indoctrinated, hardened and possibly believes in THE CAUSE … Continue reading

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If they didn’t have bad luck, they wouldn’t have any

Chipotle says malware hack stole customer payment info Let see. They started out as a Mexican eatery, until they made 100’s of people across the country sick. There had a series of outbreaks involving E. coli, salmonella, and norovirus at … Continue reading

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Too premature Ostroy

Andy Ostroy, Contributor Political and Pop Culture Analyst It Doesn’t Fucking Matter What Obama Did! If there ever was a foolish statement, this was it. It Doesn’t Fucking Matter What Obama Did! My response is; are you kidding me? Evidently … Continue reading

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TOO young to know better?? &^$%(*#@

DC sniper Lee Boyd Malvo’s life sentence thrown out: Here we go again with another bleeding heart judge. A federal district court judge has overturned the sentence of Lee Boyd Malvo, one of the two people convicted in D.C.-area Beltway … Continue reading

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And she said it with a straight face

Hillary Clinton tears into Trump in commencement address “You are graduating at a time when there is a full-fledged assault on truth and reason,” Clinton told the class of 2017 And she says it with a straight face. After all … Continue reading

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Alms for the poor

Being I like to put my money where my mouth is and always practice what I preach; I sent the Trump organization a couple of bucks during the campaign.   Since then I have been receiving letters for donations quiet frequently. … Continue reading

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You bet-ja

Huffington Post ‘Saturday Night Live’ And Stephen Colbert May Be Further Dividing Americans We know things are out of hand and very stale in the ball busting department when the Huffington Post is being somewhat conciliatory to PDT. Short and … Continue reading

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