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Poor PC-police work

London terror attack: British officials missed warning signs ahead of recent assault Here I go again, playing my broken record that the PC authorities around the world are not listening to.                                        Terrorists involved in each of the three recent … Continue reading

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Franken the Fence sitter

Franken reverses on Griffin, says it’s best’ for her not to be at book event There are a few types of people that really bother me; one of them is a Fence Sitter. Fools like this Fence Sitter, sit on … Continue reading

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What if she were the judge’s sister?

Judge sentences man who raped sister to probation, citing ‘stigma’ What we have ladies and gents are a particular group of incompetent people sitting on the bench dress in a black robe, with too much authority, not enough commonsense, entirely … Continue reading

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If not NOW; When????

 Published May 24, 2017 Fox News Armed police respond after reports of an explosion at Manchester Arena during an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, Monday, May 22, 2017. Several people have died following reports of an explosion Monday night … Continue reading

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Private masseuses anyone??

Chicago inmates can now order pizza directly to their cells Inmates in the Cook County Jail can now order pizza delivered directly to their cells. The medium-security prison has allowed pre-trial detainees to use their commissary to purchase pizza cooked … Continue reading

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How long are they going to wait??

Chicago police warns officers about gangs armed with high-powered rifles I did this post a couple of days ago, along with many before just like it. What is it going to take before the cops in Chicago start being proactive? … Continue reading

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The clapping is deafening

Student Union Wants to Ban Clapping and Cheering Because it Excludes Deaf People I thought all of the PC fools were exclusive to the USA. Guess I am wrong. It looks like the PC-pathetic bug that has infected the entire … Continue reading

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