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Holy Shit!!!

Nancy Pelosi Applauds Al Sharpton: ‘Thank You for Saving America’ The absolute best I can give this story is a BIG WOW and a BIGGER HOLY SHIT This nit-wit who calls herself a public servant has to be insane to … Continue reading

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The colonel can’t be that stupid, or is he???

Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare for all’ bill estimated to cost $32.6T, new study says Gotta be a lot of mentally challenged  fools out there that will support this nutcase hoping to cash in on his insanity. There is one 4 letter … Continue reading

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The Manchurian Candidate

Obama touts liberal push for ‘universal income’ The only thing missing is his halo. Is this guy out of his mind??  He surely can not believe in all of the utter-nonsense and poisonous rhetoric he has been touting.  No one … Continue reading

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In their finest hour ….

Diplomatic disconnect with North Korea spells trouble for Trump In their finest hour, none of the Boulder Rollers could have very accomplished what PDT has so far with NK. All of the critics of PDT’s maneuvers with NK are under … Continue reading

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Sessions rebukes critics who compare border situation to Nazi Germany: ‘Fundamentally, we’re enforcing the law’ What about illegal immigration is it that they don’t understand. Anyone that is in this country ILLEGALLY is breaking the law and must be sent … Continue reading

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What planet are these fools on???

Panelist: Trump lives to divide our country Erin Burnett Out Front Panelists discuss President Donald Trump’s decision to cancel the White House visit for the NFL Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles. I don’t know if these fools are from … Continue reading

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You talking to me????

Robert De Niro says Trump not welcome at Nobu restaurants: ‘I’d walk out’ “I don’t care what he likes. If he walked into a restaurant I was in — I’d walk out,” the 74-year-old actor stated. He further clarified that … Continue reading

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