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To be or not to be – that is the question

As far as I am concerned; it’s gotten to the point where I don’t trust any of the politicians and their motives for what they do. When I look at this picture I wonder if Obama would be out there … Continue reading

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Not justice

South Dakota executes man for rape, death of 9-year-old girl in 1990: It took 22 years for the State of South Dakota to take out the trash. The piece of trash named Donald Moeller raped and murdered a nine year … Continue reading

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The kettle calling the pot black

Biden, Clinton decry new Romney ad: YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Pushing back hard at a new ad by political opponents, Vice President Joe Biden and former President Bill Clinton accused the Mitt Romney campaign Monday of saying “absolutely anything to win” … Continue reading

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Because he is black; naturally!

CNN Sununu’s comment insults black Americans: Roland Martin says the Romney surrogate’s suggestion that Colin Powell backs Obama because of race childishly implies that blacks don’t critically evaluate candidates. The average person would assume that most reporters were pretty sharp … Continue reading

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Egg Foo Young to go – hold the MSG

China blocks New York Times Web site after report on leader’s wealth: A New York Times article says the value of assets controlled by Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao’s family is at least $2.7 billion, a shocking figure even in … Continue reading

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Christian or not Christian; that is the question

Obama Mocks & Attacks Jesus Christ And The Bible / Video / Obama Is Not A Christian: A person has to be very careful of the remarks they make when they are in politics; they may come back to haunt … Continue reading

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Live by the mortar; die by the mortar

North Korean army minister reportedly executed for drinking during mourning period: Talk about some tough rules and regulations! I would like to see some of the child molesters, drug pusher and murders we have in the USA get sent over … Continue reading

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Tell four lies to get out of one

Fox News Obama Pays Price for Backpedaling on Libya Attack: Obama Pays Price for Backpedaling on Libya Attack: US Denied Access to Libya Suspect: VIDEO: Clinton Vows, ‘We Will Find Out What Happened’ in Libya:

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In his own words

Cut or copy and paste this to see what I have been saying for the last year is absolutely true. 2012 is a carbon copy of 2008 – anyone that votes for Obama after watching this has rocks in their … Continue reading

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Do what I say not what I do

Mark’s Universe: I came across a few favorite quotes I wanted to pass on that I thought fits most politicians that we in government to a “T”. All of these quotes pretty much fit the politicians we have in office … Continue reading

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