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Hyper what? Hyperpolyglots

This Man Speaks 32 Different Languages: WOW!! I am having a hard time mastering the English language. Ioannis Ikonomou works for the European Commission as a translator. It’s a prestigious position, and yet it still sells him short. You see, … Continue reading

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Goolunies galore

This RAD DUDE (if that is the proper biker’s term) in the video doesn’t worry about getting hung up in traffic jams; he goes over them. The cops in California are trying to figure what kind of charges if … Continue reading

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The Fairer of the Sexes???

Fairer of the sexes’ maybe but not the weaker. There used to be a rule of thumb where I grew up with all the macho dudes in the neighborhood. Never date a broad (Old school term said with respect) that could … Continue reading

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He does have a SOUL

Give credit where it is due: As the soul writer and editor for The Goomba Gazette, it is my mission/passion to tell the good with the bad, acknowledge the ugly with the beautiful and dishonesty with honesty. I still … Continue reading

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How low can he go $$$$

  Johnny Manziel reduced to selling selfies at malls Jan. 11, 2017 – 2:03 – Former NFL player Johnny Manziel to make promotional appearances during Super Bowl week, selling autographs and selfies at Texas malls This can fall into … Continue reading

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America meet Brazil

R0usey;  Say Hello To  My Little Friend Nunes: Talk about being taken to the cleaners – out back to the tool shed – getting your clock cleaned – literally getting your ass kicked Brazilian style; those are the lessons Rhonda Rousey learned … Continue reading

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She doesn’t get it

Some flake job named Debi Jackson approved of putting her 9-year-old transgender daughter ‘s picture on the cover of National Geographic and do not understand why there are so many pissed off people do not share her same values or lack … Continue reading

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