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One of the all time mysteries

Fox Princess Diana had ‘a lonely miserable life inside the palace,’ biographer claims I keep trying to focus in on my computers screen to fine tune the video; some of the pictures I am look at seem to be distorted. … Continue reading

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Scrapping Scaramucci Down and dirty

Mr. Anthony (AKA – Scrapping Scaramucci) Scaramucci appears to let his I-tal-ian temper get the best of him or it is his natural way of expressing himself. Possibly that is one of the reason PDT tapped him on the shoulder … Continue reading

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Talk about the shame of it all ….

Michigan mother pleads guilty to having sex with teenage boys Gotta be the 7 year itch for some oversexed ladies that had their novelty light burn out after a few years of marriage and they felt an overwhelming need to … Continue reading

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Harry & Crew don’t want the hassle

Huffington Post In a recent interview; Prince Harry admitted that neither he or any of the other young royals want to sit in Britain’s Big Chair Prince Harry, along with Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, are preparing … Continue reading

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GIANFORTE WINS SEAT: Republican claims victory in Montana election The Montana Mauler pulled it out of the cappello after all. It appears that the voters in the Buffalo Pie State love violence, hate Gianforte’s opponent, or really dislike the reported … Continue reading

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A diamond among the fagasi

Actor Floors Carlson With Comments About Free Speech, Civics Education It is refreshing to see that one of the Beautiful People has something between his ears. Dreyfuss said that not only is freedom of speech essential, regardless of the … Continue reading

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Big Busted Bust-out Bimbo

Does this broad realize how ridiculous she looks? Evidently not. What is even the point? Jenny and all the other exhibitionists like her should bare it all. To think she probably paid about 10 grand for those loose threads to … Continue reading

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