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Day of reckoning

‘Suicidal’ Harvey Weinstein caught storming out of home as police respond And?? I would say, let him have at it. For no other reason, the picture below is why a good/respectable/seasonable person should behave themselves. Three key words; GOOD, RESPECTABLE … Continue reading

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Definitely not an Aristotle

As successful as PDT has been in his life (aside from a few stumbles) he should be more articulate and not as condescending as he is. The doo may be the same but that is where the similarities stops.    … Continue reading

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Poetic justice for the Juice

O.J. Simpson asks Nevada parole board for early release I don’t even want to go into the complex/charmed/murderous life of Orenthal. It is beyond belief that a dude in his position could wind-up as he did, on the inside looking … Continue reading

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Certified lunatic

If they handed out certificates for being a lunatic; this fool would be on top of the deans list, have a degree in being from outer space and get the val-dick-tore-e-n award. Baldwin: “Kathy….baby…I’ve been there,” Baldwin wrote before referencing … Continue reading

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Rambling fool

IT says that PDT and his family are going to get her. Unless I am mistaken; IT crossed the line first. In all of her wisdom; IT says she is sorry for what she did BUT intends to continue … Continue reading

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Dirty pool

9 last-minute Obama moves to stymie Trump’s agenda From what I understand; the game of Dirty Pool was developed in The Windy City and one of it’s own are playing the game to the hilt. What went from a very conciliatory – supposed … Continue reading

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Who owns who???

CNN President Barack Obama was seen impatiently waiting for former President Bill Clinton — not one to be on time — on Air Force One at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv after attending the funeral of former Israeli President … Continue reading

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