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Dirty pool

9 last-minute Obama moves to stymie Trump’s agenda From what I understand; the game of Dirty Pool was developed in The Windy City and one of it’s own are playing the game to the hilt. What went from a very conciliatory – supposed … Continue reading

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Who owns who???

CNN President Barack Obama was seen impatiently waiting for former President Bill Clinton — not one to be on time — on Air Force One at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv after attending the funeral of former Israeli President … Continue reading

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Obama admits he may have been wrong

My jaw almost fell off and hit the floor yesterday when I hear that Obama FINALLY; after he gave the entire farm and country away to the enemy, put the entire world at risk; now has an epiphany that he … Continue reading

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Benefits of being a rich celeb

Oscar Pistorius released from prison, under house arrest: The Blade Runner did one year for killing his girlfriend Reeva Stempkamp.  The almighty Rand rules in South Africa.  This larger than life celebrity killer shot at his girlfriend 4 times through … Continue reading

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Cheney: European refugee crisis ‘direct consequence’ of failed Obama policy: If we have to give this guy credit for one thing and one thing only. He has balls bigger then a pawn shop. For what he and his vice president … Continue reading

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