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You get what you pay for!!

Emmy Awards roasted for mocking Middle America, ratings hit all-time low Hollywood may have laughed when Emmy’s host Michael Che said the only white people who thank Jesus are “Republicans and ex-crackheads,” but Tinseltown’s latest middle finger to Middle America … Continue reading

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Keep it up Kerry ….

John Kerry raised some eyebrows after comparing Trump to an ‘insecure teenage girl’ KK (Kaptiulating Kerry) is going to keep busting PDT’s balls until the guy loses it and calls him a no-good-son-of-a-bitch or something worse. I would bet the … Continue reading

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So you love being a NFL fan …

NFL’s Green Bay Packers need to revamp ticket policy for infants, new mom says New mom demands change to Green Bay Packer’s ticket policy   A new mother in Wisconsin is calling for the Green Bay Packers to change their … Continue reading

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Best ambulance chaser in the business ..

‘You’re Exploiting Her and You Know It’: Carlson Battles Aventine LIVE on Set This ambulance chasing DUDE (not intended to be complimentary) is the epitome of an  opportunist.  He was fairly well-known, BUTT not to the degree he is … Continue reading

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You go GIRL …..

Debra Messing tells fellow actress Susan Sarandon to ‘shut the fuck up’ over Trump It is refreshing to see that one of the LA elite is not feeling compelled/forced to be one of the BLIND SHEEP following the rest of … Continue reading

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Back-fired on the not so Evergreen …

Evergreen State sees ‘catastrophic’ drop in enrollment after social justice meltdown It is about time some of these over-the-top wack jobs are being held responsible for their idiocies.  Too many of them have been getting away with proverbial murder with … Continue reading

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Think it is time for some changes???

Saudi Arabia arrests man after ‘offensive’ video shows him at breakfast with woman When if ever are these people going to come out of the Dark Ages??? GMAFB The man, an Egyptian hotel worker, had invited his viewers on social … Continue reading

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