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It’s a no win situation

Huffington Post Civilian Casualties Afghanistan: Deadly Attacks Rise As International Forces Hand Over Security: They are back to square one; maybe worse off than when we invaded their country. I said it when the USA illegally invaded Iraq years back … Continue reading

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Joe’s gravy train

Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton To Meet For Breakfast Tuesday: If only the walls could tell their secrets. One of my favorite game shows years back was with Monte Hall “Let’s Make a Deal”. At the end of the show the … Continue reading

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Say cheese Little Marcus

Huffington Post Huffington Post Marcus Jordan, Michael Jordan’s Son, Apparently Tweets Picture Of His Penis; Claims Pic’s Not His: What we have here is another “rocket scientist” with an obsession to show off his private parts using the electronic media. … Continue reading

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Get your hat Weiner

Weiner’s New Sexts Were Too Much for His Campaign Manager: HELLO Weiner dog; are you there?? You seem to be the only one on the planet beside your “stand by my man” gullible, out of touch with reality wife that … Continue reading

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Tony D

Buongiorno Tony D: Spero che il caffè è buono e caldo. Ho guardato nel necrologio di questa mattina e il tuo nome non è stato in così ho pensato di inviare il proprio blog personale dal Goomba Gazette Ci fu … Continue reading

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They don’t give a puck

CNN New $444 million hockey arena is still a go in Detroit: Detroit’s financial crisis hasn’t derailed the city’s plans to spend more than $400 million in Michigan taxpayer funds on a new hockey arena for the Red Wings.

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This dirty bastard should be castrated

Google News Judge Tacks on 50 Years in NJ Father Rape Case: A New Jersey man (if this is what you want to call him) already in prison for sexually assaulting one of his daughters has been sentenced to an … Continue reading

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I hope he likes pasta fagoli

Huffington Post Eike Batista, Formerly World’s 8th Richest Man, Loses $33 Billion In Just 16 Months: Now that is what we can call “a good piece of change”. It is bad enough when a mere mortal loses their job, to … Continue reading

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A must watch video

A must listen to video Now this is a guy that takes the bull by the horns, “shoots straight from the hip” and is telling it like it is. Every word that he is speaking and shouts is unfortunately … Continue reading

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The coward is afraid of dying – get the crying towels out

Ariel Castro agrees to plea deal, avoids death penalty: The scumbag/coward got life in prison plus 1000 years for pleading guilty. I would like to know what happened to the not guilty plea his “ambulance chaser” made for the coward … Continue reading

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