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A sad day for the ladies

Dr. Huxtable walked out of court once again and not in handcuffs. The judge in the case was forced to declared a mistrial. What an injustice to all the ladies he molested and all the other ladies in the world … Continue reading

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Throw PDT an anchor, why don’t you!!

9th Circuit rules against Trump travel ban What is it going to take for some of the Anti-Trump PC justices around the country to look at the big picture; one of their family being killed or attacked by an illegal … Continue reading

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Time to shit can that practice

Criminal whose sentence was commuted by Obama is back in prison I have to wonder; just how thoroughly Mr. O’s administration could have vetted almost 1800 prisoners he gave early walking papers to over an 8 year period?? He is … Continue reading

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The puttana prevailed

Casey Anthony probably killed her daughter, but by accident, judge says: My answer to his honor is; NOT SHIT!!!!!! The retired Florida judge who presided over the Casey Anthony trial said he believes she “may” have accidentally killed her two-year-old daughter … Continue reading

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Possibly one of Obama’s worst moves

BREAKING: Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning’s Sentence — She’ll Be Free in May! She’ll Be Free in May! Should have been IT will be free. What a kick in the nuts to the American people, especially the military. To start … Continue reading

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Hanger for a hanger

Former HS player free after sodomizing disabled teammate Dec. 22, 2016 – 2:39 – White high school football player avoids jail in Idaho after allegedly raping and sodomizing a black, disabled teammate with a clothes hanger The only just punishment … Continue reading

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Jail house rocked

Our illustrious outgoing president Mr. Obama burned up 11 more ball point pens yesterday by opening the cell gates to 231 more prisoners. 231 prisoners released with the stroke of a pen. Wow, that is power with a capital P. … Continue reading

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