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I don’t have all the facts yet …..

CBS Rudy Giuliani on Fox News insists Trump did not violate campaign finance laws I see that PDT did it again when he appointed Giuliani to head his legal defense team. Another in a long line of poor choices. Since … Continue reading

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News media, get off of this Black-man kick already !!!!!

Philadelphia police chief defends officers who arrested black men at Starbucks The CEO of Starbucks apologized, the mayor of Philadelphia was “heartbroken” and the city police commissioner defended officers who handcuffed and arrested two black men who asked to use … Continue reading

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Fox News Jumped right on it

Fox News Trump supporter, 76, blames ‘fake news’ CNN for threats following reporter ambush Personally, I think the word ambush is a little rough for the incident; confrontation would have been a little more suitable. BUTT, as we know, opposing … Continue reading

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Olive branch???

  The New York Times gives its editorial page over to Trump supporters, sparking a debate It has been a policy of mine to NEVER SAY NEVER!! Well????   The New York Times will do away with its editorial page on … Continue reading

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Scrapping Scaramucci Down and dirty

Mr. Anthony (AKA – Scrapping Scaramucci) Scaramucci appears to let his I-tal-ian temper get the best of him or it is his natural way of expressing himself. Possibly that is one of the reason PDT tapped him on the shoulder … Continue reading

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Get used to it LADIES; today was just a preview

LADIES is one of the disparaging terms the DI’s at PI (Parris Island) use when they addressed the recruits.  That was when they were in a good mood. The news media, better get used to getting their asses kicked by the President … Continue reading

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