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The vultures are attacking one another …

UNLEASH THE HOUNDS Dershowitz unloads on NY socialist Dem, Martha’s Vineyard liberals     We all know what the old Italian saying is; (se lasciamo i cani rabbiosi a se stessi, presto si accenderanno l’un l’altro) if we leave the rabid … Continue reading

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Threw him to the Dogs ……

American who escaped Al Qaeda captivity says FBI, under Mueller and Comey, betrayed him A friend in need is a friend indeed – when your back is against the wall, that is when you see who your good friends are, … Continue reading

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Do as I say, not as us hypocrites do ….

Obama’s EPA appointees spent as much, or more, on travel than Trump’s Pruitt, data show Do as I say, not as us hypocrites do …. The relentless, blood sucking Boulder Rollers are out in force, on their hands and knees … Continue reading

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Fox News Jumped right on it

Fox News Trump supporter, 76, blames ‘fake news’ CNN for threats following reporter ambush Personally, I think the word ambush is a little rough for the incident; confrontation would have been a little more suitable. BUTT, as we know, opposing … Continue reading

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The beauty of being a politician

Democrats and the GOP seek deal to reopen the government as they blame each other for impasse There are soooo many perks attached to being a politician, they are really tooo many to count.  They make fabulous $oldi for very … Continue reading

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Who the hell generates all these bull-shit stories??

FOX NEWS JFK’s nephew says Emanuel has plan to force black people out of Chicago Kennedy sure has a combination of looks between Bobby and Ethel. WOW, strong genes. Short and sweet. If RAM is really forcing all of the … Continue reading

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Solid game of the DOZENS

Trump lawyer threatens ‘imminent’ legal action against Steve Bannon, gives 24 hours to cease and desist The old game of sticks and stones routine has gotten way out of hand between Bannon and PDT. It has evolved into an … Continue reading

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