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Time to pasteurize

McCain comes out against ObamaCare overhaul, dealing blow to GOP’s repeal hopes Sen. John McCain announced his opposition Friday to Republican colleagues’ last-ditch ObamaCare overhaul bill, dealing a major blow to GOP leaders’ push to pass repeal legislation under President … Continue reading

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Catching it from all angles

Iran’s Rouhani: US will pay a high cost if Trump scraps nuclear deal Pyongyang (September 12, 2017): North Korea warned the United States on Tuesday that it would have to pay a “due price” if fresh sanctions are imposed … Continue reading

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Corruption in government at its finest

To think that our government is so corrupted that they allow such deceptive practices in our voting system is unconscionable. AN “X” IN THE YES BOX MEANS NO AND an “X” IN THE NO BOX MEANS YES.  How can you … Continue reading

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Fools and foolish moves

Picks for Sunday morning – GG commentary KOREAN PENINSULA ON ALERT North Korea says it successfully conducted hydrogen bomb test Possibly one of the gravest situations the world has had to face since JFK put the hammer on Russia in … Continue reading

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Wanna get depressed?? Read the news

FOX News headlines HAVOC ON HIGH SEAS Search for 10 missing US sailors after collision China newspaper claims US Navy is ‘hazard’ in Asian waters VIDEO: Search underway for 10 US sailors missing after collision Peters on USS McCain collision: … Continue reading

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Macauly Trump – Home Alone

FOX News Steve Bannon out at the White House There was a movie made years ago that may have been a prelude to PDT’s presidency. It was call Home Alone. Different scenario but very similar  in description. It is like … Continue reading

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That’s what friends are for!!

First came the Lone Ranger – then came the Lone Wolf – now we have the Lone Beacher                                            Washington (CNN) I love Monday morning quarters backs and people that thrive on saying, I … Continue reading

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