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That’s what friends are for!!

First came the Lone Ranger – then came the Lone Wolf – now we have the Lone Beacher                                            Washington (CNN) I love Monday morning quarters backs and people that thrive on saying, I … Continue reading

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Well shut my mouth; never!!

I said it from the very beginning of, then The Donald, didn’t get his mouth under control, it would be his Achilles heel that would eventually undermine his credibility. Not only has PDT kept up his tirades on twitter but … Continue reading

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One said criminal was 6′ and black – the other said he was 5’2″ and white!!

Why is it that 1,000 people can look at the exact picture; 501 one see it on way and 499 see it completely different. That also happens to be the case when a crime is committed. Out of 10 first … Continue reading

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Slap happy politicians

The politicians in Taiwan bring a new meaning to word parliamentary procedures. They call it, kicking ass and taking names. Check out the brawling broads in the first part of the video. I think they got in the best … Continue reading

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Throw PDT an anchor, why don’t you!!

9th Circuit rules against Trump travel ban What is it going to take for some of the Anti-Trump PC justices around the country to look at the big picture; one of their family being killed or attacked by an illegal … Continue reading

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Comey slit his own throat

Washington (CNN) Fired FBI Director James Comey asked Columbia law professor Daniel C. Richman to leak the content of memos documenting his interactions with President Donald Trump, he testified Thursday. Comey, who wrote memos after his meetings with Trump, had … Continue reading

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And she said it with a straight face

Hillary Clinton tears into Trump in commencement address “You are graduating at a time when there is a full-fledged assault on truth and reason,” Clinton told the class of 2017 And she says it with a straight face. After all … Continue reading

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